Over 10 million people worldwide are currently living with Parkinson’s disease, and that figure is set to increase as the global trend of aging populations continues. With an aging population globally, the number of Parkinson’s cases is only growing. Currently over 10 million are affected and finding a better treatment for the disease is becoming increasingly urgent. Addressing this need, Stardots created ANLIVA™: a data-driven, digital biomarker platform for Parkinson’s. The purpose of Stardots’ digital health platform is to enable self-tracking and monitoring to assist clinicians in optimising precision treatment. The global impact of this technology is vast, and to help facilitate and fast-track their expansion plans, Stardots applied for, and were accepted to Business Sweden’s LEAP Accelerator, a two month programme that helps start-ups identify and target the most promising markets for their products. Through the LEAP programme, Brazil and the US were identified as high potential markets.


Brazil’s large and diverse population was a major factor in it being identified as a key market, the reach and impact Stardots saw was attractive. But a large market does not always suffice. For innovative medical products, there is a need to further understand the medical necessity and the clinical value in a patient setting hence Stardots has to engage with neurology leaders in Brazil to get practical feedback on their product and market approach.A partner strategy was initiated, with a project that mapped and connected with key neurology opinion leaders to gauge interest, acquire an understanding of Stardots’ product market fit, and receive support in setting up clinical trials ahead of regulatory approval – a vital first step for market entry. This outreach was a success, with Stardots gathering valuable insights on how to strategically position the platform. The KOL discussions have resulted in a potential clinical trial for ANLIVA to validate the product, taking them closer to an official launch in Brazil.


With key learnings about positioning and stakeholder engagement in Brazil, Stardots turned their attention to the United States, the world’s largest healthcare market. Following the previous successful collaboration with Business Sweden Brazil, it was natural to turn to Business Sweden USA for support in their next challenge.The initial work focused on developing their go-to-market strategy where Business Sweden helped Stardots understand the complex US healthcare market, the reimbursement landscape, and gather critical feedback from leading KOLs. In conjunction with the strategic project to understand the US healthcare landscape, Stardots also took advantage of the US Nordic AMPlify market entry programme managed by Business Sweden. Nordic AMPlify extended Stardots’ network even further and provided vital external perspectives on the US strategy.The overall interest for Stardots’ technology from the KOLs was overwhelming and the continued discussions have helped Stardots secure two clinical trials in the US with the potential for an additional two in 2024. Building on the success of the existing relationship with Business Sweden, Stardots and the team are now embarking on an investor mapping and positioning analysis to support their continued growth in the US.


Stardots has continued to leverage existing programmes offered by Business Sweden to have the support needed customised to their needs. After successful collaborations in both Brazil and the US, Business Sweden is continuing its partnership as a trusted advisor to Stardots. In the last year, Stardots has managed to build a strong network and secure clinical trials in two previously unknown markets. It has been a great collaboration for both Stardots and Business Sweden where close collaboration has helped to accelerate the export of innovative Swedish technologies to new markets and showcase Sweden’s position a global healthcare leader.



Stardots wanted to take their innovative Parkinson’s disease biomarker platform to the Americas, but needed to effectively identify and target the right markets and stakeholders to ensure their product was accepted from both a clinical and regulatory perspective.


Business Sweden supported Stardots' ambitions by identifying key opinion leaders in the Americas, enabling clinical trials, and paving the way for a go-to market strategy for Brazil and the US.


Clinical trials are being discussed in both markets and the collaboration has continued with additional support both within investor mapping and positioning as well as administrative support.


Stardots are engaged with key opinion leaders who see their innovative solution as a way of transforming and optimising Parkinson’s treatment for millions of patients.



Stardots’ journey began in 2018 in Uppsala, Sweden. What began as a collaboration with Uppsala University on an AI-powered and cloud-powered application designed to quantify the degree of Parkinson’s, has over the following years led Stardots to develop their ANLIVA platform. The platform is an innovative tool which uses digital biomarkers to enable remote monitoring and treatment optimisation for those with Parkinson’s disease. With support from governmental agencies and other stakeholders, Stardots has secured connections for co-development and clinical trials in Sweden, Brazil, and the US. Stardots is now ready to bring its life-changing algorithms to the market.