A revolution is coming as new advances in data-driven personalised medicine makes the “one-cure-fits-all” approach to healthcare obsolete. Sweden’s life science sector is at the forefront of progress – but challenges remain to accelerate global uptake.

In this episode of the podcast series Smart Society Sweden, hosted by Elizabeth Walentin of the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation, Business Sweden’s experts outline the varying maturity levels around the world for adopting personalised medicine, and how Swedish innovators can accelerate the shift.

“Sweden has a great ecosystem of life science actors. Karolinska Institute is one of the best hospitals in the world. We have good research infrastructure, incubators and science parks, and a very strong tech sector,” says Britta Stenson, Head of Global Industry Network Life Science at Business Sweden. 

“In all, this helps to push the technical developments that are needed to make data-driven personalised medicine a reality,” Stenson adds.

Listen to episode 9 “This Time It’s Personal: A Swedish Life Science Game Changer” here.


The episode highlights a new study presented by Business Sweden where healthcare practitioners and experts across three regions – the Americas, Europe and APAC – have been interviewed to gauge the varying maturity levels for personalised medicine.

Download the report “The Road to Personalised Medicine” here.  

The Smart Society Sweden podcast series is a joint initiative between Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation and Business Sweden and explores the innovative solutions, technologies, and collaborations coming out of Sweden.

Host: Elizabeth Walentin, Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation


Britta Stenson, Head of Global Industry Network Life Science, Business Sweden

Eric Blomquist, Senior Project Manager, Business Sweden Madrid office

Emma Hemmingson, Senior Project Manager, Business Sweden Paris office

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