Despite enduring setbacks such as civil wars, the Ebola crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic, Liberia has made significant strides toward establishing itself as one of West Africa's most dynamic democracies. Shared characteristics of small populations and abundant natural resources create mutually beneficial opportunities for collaboration between Sweden and Liberia. 

Sweden takes pride in its close bilateral partnership with Liberia, emphasising shared values of democracy, human rights, and a rules-based international order. As the second-largest bilateral development cooperation partner to Liberia, Sweden aims to contribute to improving conditions for democracy, human rights, gender equality, and sustainable economic development. 


As Liberia commemorates 20 years of peace, the nation actively works to enhance infrastructure and attract foreign investment. Liberia maintains economic growth, with inflation contained at ~8% in 2022. The dual currency regime, investment protection laws, and tax incentives make Liberia an appealing destination for foreign investors. 

The European Union plays a pivotal role in Liberia’s development, offering grants, budget support, and contracts aligned with the national development plan. Large European companies are already active in Liberia, and the formation of a European Chamber of Commerce enables a more structured dialogue for improving trade and investments. 


Recognising the significance of infrastructure for economic development, Liberia prioritises investments in roads, bridges, and energy. Opportunities abound for Swedish companies to contribute to infrastructure development, particularly in addressing challenges related to limited electricity access and road connectivity, with ongoing projects funded by many international partners. 

Liberia's rich natural resources, including rubber, timber, rivers, and minerals, provide a robust foundation for economic growth and export. Our updated report emphasises the need for sustainable management to ensure green and inclusive development, which opens up opportunities for Swedish companies to contribute expertise in areas such as renewable energy, mining technology, and forestry. 

Liberia's focus on sustainable development opens up avenues for Swedish companies to contribute to the transition to more eco-friendly industries. The report identifies key sectors with promising growth potential, including energy and cleantech, mining technology, ICT, infrastructure, agriculture, and MedTech. Besides this, the report spotlights ongoing projects financed by the EU and multilateral development banks, particularly in infrastructure, unlocking attractive procurement opportunities for Swedish companies. The key focus areas include rails, ports, roads, electricity generation, and distribution. 

Want to know more about Liberia’s potential? Now is the time to explore the untapped opportunities of this emerging market.  

The report provides detailed analysis and exploration of Liberia’s current and future growth opportunities. Contact us today for a copy of or to discuss your next steps.