Consumer goods

Sweden leads the transition to sustainable consumption

The consumer goods industry is facing increased uncertainty driven by global economic fluctuations and rapid climate change.

Swedish companies in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector are directly affected, whether they operate internationally or not. To navigate these challenges and increase resilience, a strategic plan for internationalisation is essential.

Key Factors:

  • Market Selection: Carefully choosing the right markets is crucial.
  • Entry Strategy: The timing and method of market entry impact success.
  • Technological Adaptation: Implement AI and update business models considering new sustainability regulations.

Sweden is a pioneer in promoting sustainable consumption and production within the lifestyle industry. With new technology, innovative business models, and digitalisation, Sweden drives sustainable solutions that meet both ethical and environmental standards.

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Accelerator Programme
Expand Your Business to the USA

The SCALE US program is an accelerator aimed at founders, CEOs, and/or C-level executives of small and medium-sized enterprises in the consumer goods sector. It is designed for those who have gained a foothold in the American market and want to further localize and scale up their operations.

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Sharpen Your E-Commerce Skills

As e-commerce grows globally, the competition is becoming fiercer, with many e-commerce players increasingly adept at localizing their offerings for each market. To capture market share, it is crucial to sharpen your digital export strategy and become relevant to your local target audience in each market.

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