Time to adapt to a new reality

Keeping pace with accelerating transformations and trends is vital to winning in the new business landscape. But how do you adapt your strategy to changing times? Here’s a look at essential steps for decision-makers as markets begin to...

EMEA in focus as mega trends shift global supply chain dynamics

Mega trends are forcing companies around the world to diversify and regionalise global supply chains. Strategies for mitigating risk are varied with nearshoring to markets in the EMEA region emerging as a viable option for Swedish...

Automation boom presents growth opportunities in the United States

The outbreak of COVID-19 is pushing an already high demand for less dependency on human labour in the U.S. manufacturing and warehousing sectors. Innovative Swedish solutions within automation and robotics can ride the momentum.

The world then and now

Will international business ever be the same? What are the likely outcomes of the current crisis? This second part of our series New Business Landscape explores recovery scenarios and how decision-makers can adapt their thinking.

Sweden's battery industry grows: Kedali sets up production at Northvolt gigafactory

China’s Kedali (KDL) enters Sweden’s ecosystem for green battery production – striking a deal with Northvolt’s gigafactory in Skellefteå to supply casings for lithium-ion batteries from an adjoining facility.

Doing business in a post-pandemic world

How will global trade change after Covid-19? Business Sweden presents a series of whitepapers and webinars that explores the new paradigm for cross-border economic relations.

US supply chains under pressure from global and domestic trends and trade policies

Protectionist policies, trade interventions and the global health pandemic are forcing local and international companies to restructure their supply chains and business footprints in order to stay competitive in the US market.

Asia’s supply chain dynamics shifting in the wake of Covid-19

Changes in APAC’s manufacturing supply chains are being accelerated by the impact of the global health pandemic, pushing both Swedish companies and their international counterparts to mitigate risks and consider diversification.

Health and life sciences leading APAC into strong future

The healthcare and life science sectors across the APAC region are facing challenges to meet the demands of ageing populations and shifting demographics, increasing urbanisation and a sharp rise in obesity and chronic diseases....

How are Swedish companies in China affected by the coronavirus pandemic?

New flash survey tracks the impact in China: production is restarting but travel restrictions and reduced demand are crippling sales.

The Nordic race towards sustainable change

Powering sustainable electrification is underpinned by a green battery production value chain. Where and how materials for batteries are sourced and the role of stakeholders and suppliers across the entire ecosystem will define the...

New metals for a new tomorrow

Sweden is in pole position as Europe steps up the search for “innovation-critical” raw materials says top Swedish geologist Erika Ingvald.

Sustainable digitalisation, powered by Sweden

Click to purchase. Scroll to see more. Download now. Connect your device now! Every day, millions of actions in business, industry and by consumers are taken, often without a second thought for the data driving it and the impact of...

Coronavirus outbreak and business implications

Swedish companies in China are already feeling a negative impact on their production and sales as a result of Covid-19, novel coronavirus, according to a survey of Swedish companies operating in China.

Corporate social credit system in China

China is in the process of rolling out its so-called “social credit system”, a big data-enabled set of mechanisms for overseeing, rating, and controlling the behaviour of market participants. The system will impact all companies in...