Five myths about the Swedish manufacturing industry

In this episode, we dig deeper into the topic of the Swedish manufacturing industry. Together with Klas Ericson and Andreas Scheibenpflug from Business Sweden, we kill five of the biggest myths about Sweden as a manufacturing nation. We also talk about the future and how Sweden can assert itself in the international competition. Only available in Swedish.

Why Swedish companies should look towards Southeast Asia

The growth rate in Southeast Asia has been strong during the recent years. Few regions in the world compare to this. The development creates great opportunities for companies that want to establish themselves in the region. Only available in Swedish.

The Belt and road initiative – opportunities in the East

The Belt and Road Initiative is a enormous project in China affecting 60-90 countries. It is an infrastructure project focusing on the remaining parts of Asia, the Middle East and parts of Europe. Only available in Swedish.

Full focus on the USA - the largest consumer market in the world

Entrepreneurship is booming in Sweden and many are aiming for the US market. In this episode, we will walk you through how to prepare for entering the largest consumer market in the world. Only available in Swedish.

Preparing for Brexit

6,2 percent of Swedish export goes to the UK today and there is therefore no doubt that Brexit will have a major impact on Swedish companies. There is a great risk of a “no deal Brexit” which will hit hard on Swedish export. Only available in Swedish.

Building global tech companies in Asia and Oceania

Swedish companies should not only look to the west but also aim east, according to Marie Claire Maxwell, one of Business Sweden’s Asia specialists. Only available in Swedish.

The importance of managing exports in practice

In this episode, we focus on practical exports and trade regulations, that is, everything related to the practical part of the delivery. Business Sweden's expert, Carin Skoglar, offers tips and advice but also tells us about mistakes that Swedish companies sometimes make. Only available in Swedish.

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Sustainability: the art of minimising risks and increasing possibilities

Sustainability has become a trademark for Swedish companies internationally. But just because it is seen as part of the Swedish brand does not mean that it is a topic easy to understand. Only available in Swedish.

Trade in the east and west

What should Swedish companies think about when expanding to the Eastern European markets and other German-speaking countries? Maja Zoric gives us tips what to consider and on what not to underestimate. One or two holiday tips also slip into the conversation. Only available in Swedish.

Swedish innovation and the Hannover Industry Fair

How come Sweden has produced so many world-leading companies within innovation, smart manufacturing and sustainability?

Doing business in Spain and Italy

What is it like to enter the Italian and Spanish markets and how can Business Sweden help your company? What distinguishes the Spanish business climate compared to the Swedish?

How trade with Iran is affected by USA leaving the nuclear deal

Since USA announced that they are leaving the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA), a lot has happened in and around Iran. Only available in Swedish.

The importance of presence on the Chinese market

“In 3-5 years, all Swedish companies should double their operations in Asia in order to continue to call themselves market leaders ”, according to Tobias Glitterstam, Asia Manager at Business Sweden. In this episode, we focus on China, a consumer- and innovation-driven market. Only available in Swedish.

The importance of global trade for Sweden

"The service revolution is the future of Sweden", says Lena Sellgren, Chief Economist at Business Sweden. In this episode, she explains why global trade is crucial for the future of Sweden and how we can bring the Swedish heritage into a new era. Only available in Swedish.

The role of Business Sweden in the world

What role should Business Sweden play in the world? How can Business Sweden help Swedish companies to grow their global sales and international companies to invest and expand in Sweden? And what was it like to meet Donald Trump in the White House? Only available in Swedish.