"Experiences from previous conflicts show that it is important to plan for reconstruction at an early stage, as the need for support will be extensive when peace comes. It is therefore important that we intensify our work regarding Ukraine, partly to show our support for Ukraine but also to establish a clearer presence in the country and thereby facilitate for Swedish companies in the reconstruction," says Jan Larsson, CEO of Business Sweden.

A recruitment process has been initiated to hire two senior employees to work full-time with Ukraine. Their work will involve coordinating promotion interests, assisting Swedish companies based on their needs in the Ukrainian market, and establishing both local and international contacts and networks in the country.

One of the recruitments will be a local employee who will work on-site in Ukraine. The other recruitment will be a senior Swedish country manager initially based in Sweden. This person will be a Swedish citizen, and the ambition is for them to serve as Sweden's Trade Secretary in Ukraine when Business Sweden opens a physical office in the country.

Since the invasion of Ukraine began in the spring of 2022, Business Sweden has continuously handled incoming inquiries from Swedish companies and monitored the development of the war. We have an overview of trade barriers, relevant stakeholders, ongoing activities, as well as knowledge about business opportunities that will be important for Swedish companies during relief efforts and the upcoming reconstruction of the country.