Against the backdrop of exploding demand for batteries to support the revolution of electric vehicles (EV) and clean energy transition, coupled with the EU Battery Regulation which comes into force this spring, a new episode of Business Sweden News explores the latest advances on the Nordic battery scene.

“This is an exciting time to bring people’s attention to the rapid developments taking place as the Nordic battery ecosystem ramps up collaboration. By combining our strengths in the Nordic region, we have the potential to help fill the vast supply gap and put long-term sustainability at the heart of Europe’s battery supply chain,” says Jessica Olsson, Head of Energy & Transport Europe, Business Sweden.

The feature episode puts new policy developments into context while giving viewers an inside look at how the Nordic countries are spearheading progress in the global race for green batteries.

Guests in the studio include Northvolt, which is currently scaling up capacity at Europe’s first homegrown gigafactory in northern Sweden, the global leader in battery casings Kedali and the European company InnoEnergy. View the episode here.

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