In view of Sweden’s status as a major donor to Ukraine, the country has been invited to the Multi-agency Donor Coordination Platform for Ukraine (MDCP) established by the G7 countries to coordinate aid efforts.

The group’s mission is to propose and advise on concrete measures aimed at strengthening Ukraine’s economy, increasing opportunities for investment and new supply chains, and identifying obstacles to economic development in Ukraine.

At the Ukraine Recovery Conference hosted in Berlin on 11-12 June, Business Sweden’s CEO Jan Larsson was appointed Swedish representative in the Business Advisory Council which was recently launched to serve as the voice of the business community in coordinating the donor countries’ efforts.

“This is a great opportunity for Sweden and Swedish companies to bring the business community’s perspective to the work of strengthening Ukraine,” says Jan Larsson, CEO, Business Sweden.

“The commitment from Swedish companies is significant both in supporting the economy today and in building a strong and modern Ukraine after the war,” Larsson adds.

The creation of the Business Advisory Council is a new feature of the MDCP platform’s working method. The BAC will consist of 18 members representing the US, Ukraine, the EU, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, South Korea, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.

Jan Larsson’s appointment now means that Sweden will have an important seat at the table.

“It is important for Swedish companies that we have the opportunity to highlight Swedish perspectives and the experiences of Swedish companies in the recommendations that the council will provide to the governments of the world’s most developed economies.

“For me personally, there is nothing more significant than doing everything possible to help Ukraine develop into a free and modern country that has a clear role in European development,” Jan Larsson concludes.

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