Our guest is Wojciech Nowak, Group Senior Director Global Governmental & Public Affairs Region Europe at Novartis Group. In addition, Mr. Nowak has recently been appointed the Healthcare Council Chair for Europe Bio, which is the main biotech trade association in Europe.  

We discuss following key aspects in the European biotech sector:  

  • How competitive is Europe in the biotech sector today? 
  • What should be the top priorities for the European biotech sector ahead? 
  • What advice does Novartis have for European and Swedish policy makers as well as innovative companies that are interested in partnering up with Novartis? 

About the market 

In Europe, 60 million people live with cardiovascular disease, with 5,000 cases a day. The cost is about 210 billion Euro a year. 37% of total deaths are caused by CVD and 26% by cancer in Europe.   


Novartis is an innovative medicines company, which is reimagining medicines to improve and extend people's lives. The group's products reach more than 250 million people globally. 70,000 people from 140 nationalities work at Novartis worldwide in the quest to find new medicines. The focus is set to four therapeutic areas: 1) Cardiovascular, renal and metabolic, 2) immunology, 3) oncology and 4) neurosciences. Novartis consistently ranks among the top companies investing in research and development today.