The Nordic Pavilion, designed to embody our shared Nordic values, serves as a unique event platform that will captivate and impress customers and potential leads in Japan. By participating as a partner in the Pavilion, Swedish companies can benefit from the exceptional visibility and marketing exposure that Expo 2025 offers.

Being a Pavilion partner provides Swedish companies with a prime opportunity to showcase their products, services, and expertise to a diverse international audience. The Pavilion's distinctive design and curated content will attract significant attention, ensuring that partners receive heightened visibility throughout the Expo. This increased exposure can lead to enhanced brand recognition, increased customer interest, and potential business opportunities.

Moreover, the Nordic Pavilion serves as a hub for networking and collaboration. By participating, Swedish companies can engage with industry peers, potential partners, and key stakeholders from Japan and around the world. This facilitates knowledge sharing, idea exchange, and the exploration of collaborative ventures, ultimately fostering innovation and growth.

Partner benefits

Stakeholder engagement

  • Possibilities to influence the Nordic/Swedish participation
  • Be a part of Swedish Road-to-Osaka “industry missions”

Marketing exposure

  • 1,7 million expected visitors to the Nordic pavilion
  • Joint Nordic marketing campaign

Events in the Nordic pavilion

  • Company/Industry activities during Expo 2025 Osaka (Swedish/Nordic)
  • National day (14th May 2025)