The global market for DNA vaccines, gene and immunotherapy manufacturing is set to accelerate. More and more patients are being treated for gene-related diseases and cancers using the promising approach of inserting or editing genes in cells and tissues.

Cobra Biologics, an experienced CDMO and a biotechnology leader with ATMP production sites in Sweden and the UK, is now building on its 20 years of success. The company has invested €20 million in two new production lines in Matfors, Sweden – installing the country’s first 500 litre bioreactor for plasmid DNA and microbiota production. 

“Very few suppliers worldwide with our expertise in plasmid DNA production can offer this type of capacity. The investment includes both 50 litre and 500 litre production lines, of which the larger will be set up in a new facility with cleanroom areas, connected machines and warehousing space,” explains Lars Fahlander, Site Manager, Cobra Biologics Matfors.

Advantage Matfors

“We are recruiting a core team of 10-20 people for tech transfer in areas such as DNA manufacturing, validation, maintenance engineering as well as senior and non-senior scientists. These competences are in high demand worldwide, and available to us in Sweden too,” adds Fahlander. 

“The U.S. and Europe are fast growing markets. Clients often come to us because of our Swedish location. The pharmaceuticals industry here is held in high regard, due to the availability of specialized and skilled people in combination with access to advanced technology,” he concludes.

The Swedish site focuses on three key services; plasmid DNA, microbiota and filling operations. With a co-investment from local real estate company SKIFU, owned by Sundsvall municipality, Cobra Biologics’ new ATMP facility is scheduled to be inaugurated in mid-2020.