Brexit – what happens next?

What will happen to Britain’s economy, and will Swedish-British trade be affected? Read our Chief Economists’ view of what to expect going forward.

Why the Indonesian election results matter for business

Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s recent re-election suggests that his drive to sustain and grow the country’s economy by focusing on infrastructure developments, economic reforms and improving the business climate has support among the electorates. Credit rating agency S&P, citing Jokowi’s re-election, upgraded Indonesia’s rating last week. The case for why Indonesia is too important to ignore has never been easier to make.

Grow global sales in the emerging markets

With their fast economic development, fast urbanisation and a growing middle class with increasing income, emerging markets provide great opportunities for Swedish companies.

Why did a Japanese giant come to Sweden?

During the fall 2018, the worlds’ third largest fashion retailer, Japanese Uniqlo, opened their Nordic flagship store in the centre of Stockholm. How come they chose to come to Sweden? What is it that Uniqlo found in their research that convinced them to make this move?

A greater chance to succeed

In this article, we explore why companies that want to succeed globally should consider Sweden.

Get ready to grow your global sales

Are you thinking about expanding your business into a new market, or perhaps several markets? Preparation is the key to success. Follow our steps to export model to prepare for your big move.

To trade or not to trade?

That is the question many Swedish companies in China ask themselves. Get the latest details on the trade conflict between Trump and Xi in this blog article.

The importance of following global changes

The long era of stability and growth in global markets is over. Fundamental shifts are radically changing the business context for companies’ international trade and investments. It is now more important than ever to understand how the changes impact your business and what to do to get ahead of competition and be well positioned in the new normal world market.

Win the heart of the new APAC consumer

GDP growth in Asia Pacific is transforming and a consumption driven growth is on top of the agenda, with a new generation of consumers leading the way. They are young, confident, digitally perceptive and ready to spend to realize their high aspirations. In many consumer product categories, this region will account for an overwhelming majority of global demand and growth for decades.

How to succeed in China

China is the largest e-commerce market in the world today, and is continuously growing fast. This due to smooth payment solutions, good e-commerce platforms and cost-effective last mile logistics. For Swedish companies, this brings exciting opportunities, but to succeed adaptation to local market prerequisites, eco system and consumer behaviour is of great importance.