Most leading companies today are in the innovation race — looking for the next big thing, fighting to stay in the lead, take advantage of new technology and enhance the customer experience. Not only to grow top- and bottom line, but also to offer rewarding jobs and contribute to a better, more sustainable world.

Sweden is one of the most innovative countries

Are there places where companies have a greater chance to succeed by leveraging an environment with high competence, a strong and sustainable resource base and attractive markets? With the risk of being biased, as a Swede I would say “yes”. Luckily, there are strong facts to support it. Multiple rankings put Sweden as number two on the Global Innovation Index and number one on both “Best country for doing business” and “Sustainable development goals index”. Not bad for a country with 10 million inhabitants in the far North of Europe.

The secret sauce for innovation

The Swedish innovation sauce has some interesting ingredients that go far back in history. Sweden, not being at war for the last 200 years, used time well by taking advantage of natural resources through industrialization and starting early with global trade. Hence, we know how to build lasting, trusted relationships and work across boundaries.

Political reforms have brought about a relatively non-hierarchical society with a strong social security system, where education and healthcare are paid for by taxes. 80 percent of Swedish women are on the labour market, higher than for any other European country. At the same time, parents are entitled to more than one-year parental leave per child, making Swedish Dads a unique concept.

Sweden headed towards digitalization and sustainability early-on and is now well ahead of most countries in Europe — leading the way into 5G, connected vehicles, e-health, smart and “green” industry and new materials, just to mention a few.

Flourishing companies and a nourishing business environment

High education level, reforms in society and a strong business community has laid the foundation for a remarkable set of successful global companies. Sweden is home to well established, leading, large, international companies like Ericsson, Atlas Copco, Tetra Pak, IKEA and H&M. And to bold, young ones like Spotify, Skype, King, Mojang and Klarna. Today we see exciting, open innovation taking place in Sweden with established firms and start-ups involved.

Your company can be part of it

Not surprisingly, many international leading companies have decided to capture valuable business opportunities by investing and expanding in Sweden. Today, Foreign Direct Investments in Sweden are valued to 60% of our GDP. International businesses are excited to be part of an innovative, vibrant, globally connected “Unicorn factory”. There are at least three good reasons why your company should consider Sweden:

1. You want innovation
Get access to innovation through advanced competence in technology and science by investing in and collaborating in e.g., the space of digital tech, connected cars, gaming, life science, MedTech, e-health.

2. You want sustainable and smart industrial operations
Take advantage of green energy, a strong industrial base with smart solutions and access to materials by investing in e.g., datacentres, battery production, bio-based materials, 3D-printing.

3. You want growth
Explore a market with strong purchasing power, easy access to the Nordics and Baltics, and booming infrastructure projects by investing in retail/ecommerce, logistics hubs and construction projects.

Take your next innovative steps with us

We would love to share the secret sauce of innovation with you. If you are ready for the next big thing, let us be your partner when finding new ventures, entering strategic partnerships, selecting sites and getting access to networks in Sweden.

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