For more than 30 years, HemoCue has been committed to improving global healthcare by supporting clinical evidence to allow for easy, fast, reliable patient diagnoses whether for anaemia, in infection or diabetes.

With a core focus on supporting the public health issues, the products the company offers for haemoglobin testing, white blood cell counts, glucose and HbA1c have set new standards in helping caregivers make diagnostic decisions that save lives.

In 2015, with the assistance of Business Sweden professionals working on the ground locally, certain countries were prioritized for strategic development in different phases.

We have been able to obtain strategic market knowledge, as well as identify and meet key customers. Pierre Costabel, Regional Manager West and Central Africa, HemoCue AB

During Phase 1 of the project, Business Sweden conducted specific market support.

The objective of the project managed by Business Sweden has been to assist HemoCue in the process of developing strategy in chosen markets from a local perspective.

In order to increase the size of HemoCue’s footprint in the market, Business Sweden helped on the ground and provided an expansion plan where the solutions could support health care.

With the assistance of Business Sweden, HemoCue has been able to nurture local relationships with business contacts in order to accelerate its market presence. The business focus encompassed HemoCue’s portfolio that can be used various segments in health care. “Business Sweden has helped us by being pragmatic and having an objective approach to our situation,” Costabel confirmed.

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In the chosen market, a variety of important stakeholders need to be considered in the health sector. These range from public authorities, international organizations and donors, to private sector and individuals.

“Previously, we would focus on the essentials due to a lack of resources and time that we could allocate to each market,” Costabel continued. “Business Sweden has not only helped filling this gap, but also brought a different perspective and critical thinking to the subjects.”



Accessing key stakeholders, as well as understanding the source and mechanisms of healthcare funding available for chosen market.


Business Sweden helped HemoCue look “outside of the box” by being pragmatic and having an objective approach to solving its challenges. Market knowledge was presented in a clear, intelligible format, which provided support for building strategy and action plans.


Since 2015, HemoCue has reached its KPIs (key performance indicators) faster than previously, and now has a clear timeline in place regarding deadlines.


Today, there is a limited number of Point-of-Care testing brands for haematology in the market, and HemoCue has become one of the top brands of reference.