Cue Dee develops and supplies masts, towers and support for antennas and measurement equipment to customers in the telecom and wind measurement industries.

As up to 90 percent of their sales is exported, it is crucial that Cue Dee's employees have a good knowledge of export-related issues. Sales & Marketing Manager Melker Persson explains how Business Sweden helps them to stay up-to-date and navigate complex export markets.

Cue Dee sells their products to around 40 countries, including markets with complicated trade regulations. Making sure that payments are done correctly or that the payment terms are compatible with the delivery terms is easier said than done.


A few years ago, Cue Dee’s Sales & Marketing Manager Melker Persson realised that the company needed a better understanding of their export markets. To improve their competence on the subject, they teamed up with Business Sweden.

“We have had invaluable help from Business Sweden. Their employees have both broad and deep expertise on export regulations. If we don’t know what to do, we simply contact them for reliable advice on how to conduct our complex business in a way that minimises the risks. We can use them as a sounding board.”

Business Sweden's employees gave us the knowledge we need to be even more professional in our daily work. Melker Persson, Sales & Marketing Manager

Business Sweden arranged a tailor-made training session about payment and delivery terms, and how they work together. Melker Persson thinks that the training provided an excellent overview and gave them a thorough understanding about what can happen if a company does not think and act as required:

“I can honestly say that it was the best training in export regulation I’ve had. Business Sweden's employees gave us the knowledge we need to be even more professional in our daily work."

Since the training, Cue Dee has continued to work closely with Business Sweden. They have an ongoing dialogue on export regulation issues by telephone, email and live chat. Melker Persson and his colleagues have also attended several seminars and use Business Sweden's export handbook Skeppningshandboken on a daily basis.

"Our cooperation with Business Sweden is very positive. We are constantly learning more to stay one - sometimes two - steps ahead on the export market.”



To ensure that the company's employees have a good knowledge on export regulation issues.


Cue Dee started collaborating with Business Sweden a few years ago. They are still cooperating closely and have attended several of Business Sweden’s courses and seminars.


By constantly learning more about export, Cue Dee makes sure that they stay on top of their game. They have improved their competitiveness by optimising their payment and delivery terms, which saves time and money both for Cue Dee and for their customers.


Cue Dee has developed technical solutions for the telecom industry since 1978, and for the wind measurement industry since 2001. The name Cue Dee is derived from "Quality Design", which reveals the basic starting-point of their business.

Cue Dee's headquarters and development centre is located in Robertsfors.


Through safer payment terms such as payment against letter of credit (L/C) and guarantees from EKN (The Swedish Export Credit Agency), Cue Dee keeps expanding in complex export markets. They can also offer their customers smart financing solutions, which gives them another competitive advantage.