Since their arrival in Sweden in 2006, NVIDIA has been an active partner with leading companies in automotive, telecommunications and MedTech to put AI at the forefront of their business and development operations. 

The prevalence of AI across society and industry is rapidly increasing with new techniques and applications constantly being tested and integrated. NVIDIA’s role in the Swedish AI ecosystem goes beyond a platform provider - they are instrumental in knowledge sharing and consolidation and providing access to AI networks. Being in Sweden means they are playing a pivotal role in turning the innovative visions of leading companies into realities.

Fredric Wall, NVIDIA’s Enterprise Sales Manager for the Nordics and Benelux explains:

“Sweden has a strong history and strong markets in telco, automotive, medical, manufacturing and retail. But there is also a large, innovative start-up scene and a pool of highly skilled people looking at interesting technologies to convert traditional verticals into modern and agile ecosystems.”

“NVIDIA is an active partner. We help companies find new revenue streams as well as fill the gap in expertise and training in the AI space. It is challenging to find data scientists and AI developers in Sweden, therefore our global expertise can come in and fuel the conversation and the needs of customers and specific markets.”

Sweden's approach to decision making really sets it apart. It’s a healthy, thriving environment, not dominated by top-down directives to find solutions to problems. Fredric Wall, NVIDIA’s Enterprise Sales Manager for the Nordics and Benelux

The global focus on developing and applying AI has an overarching set of common goals: to make today’s practices more effective, make ground-breaking differences for the future through increased agility, and transformation to identify new business opportunities.

While Sweden is operating within the larger global AI space, it can offer unique opportunities for partner collaboration, both through leading industry innovation and through business and cultural practices.

Fredric Wall says: “Sweden is at the very edge of automotive technology and pushing boundaries with telecommunications. But the ground up approach to decision making really sets it apart. Sweden is a hot-bed of innovative thinking, development, and testing. It’s a healthy, thriving environment, not dominated by top-down directives to find solutions to problems.”

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NVIDIA is actively partnering with the Swedish AI ecosystem, including start-ups, research and academia, as well as industry. They have begun a partnership with Volvo Group to develop an advanced AI platform for autonomous trucks. This partnership will focus on the development of a flexible, scalable Autonomous Driving System, which is planned to be used first in commercial pilots and later in commercial offerings from the Volvo Group.

NVIDIA’s partnership working across the automotive industry extends to Volvo Cars who are working with their Drive AI computer for their next generation of vehicles which are due to commence production early in the 2020s.

NVIDIA’s impact on the Swedish AI ecosystem has been boosted by their relationship with Business Sweden who have provided market and industry insights. These insights have helped NVIDIA identify the right opportunities and connections within the AI environment.

Fredric Wall sees a bright future for AI and Sweden. He concludes that “businesses in all verticals need to look at what business they are today and what they will be tomorrow. A great example is automotive which used to be primarily manufacturing. Now software and AI drive R&D. Collaboration drives companies to look at their markets and future. And AI is at the heart of that future, transforming operations and production and helping profitability.”

“Our partnership with Volvo Group is a landmark for the trucking industry — the largest, most far-reaching of its kind, which will point the way to the future of transportation infused with technology. For the first time, we are supplying AI for something that wasn’t possible before, the automation of transportation.”



NVIDIA recognised that their AI expertise and technology could be applied across a range of industry verticals, but they needed to collaborate with traditional industry players to disrupt through research and development.


Looking at markets where traditional industry had a strong presence but where innovation and research were also valued was the key to successful expansion and unlocking the potential of AI. Sweden offered both of these characteristics, which was recognised as the perfect combination with NVIDIA’s AI and development expertise.


Since NVIDIA’s arrival into the Swedish market in 2006, they have worked with some of the biggest companies in manufacturing. They have most recently partnered with Volvo Trucks and Cars in a revolutionary partnership that is disrupting the automotive industry and shifting the industry from a manufacturing focus to one that is driven by AI and technology developments.


NVIDIA is a computer technology company that has pioneered GPU-accelerated computing. It targets the world’s most demanding users with products, services and software that power amazing experiences in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, professional visualization and autonomous cars. NVIDIA invented the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) as a parallel processor to solve some of the most complex problems in computer science. The GPU was initially used to simulate human imagination, enabling the virtual worlds of video games and films. Today, it also simulates human intelligence, running deep learning algorithms and acting as the brain of computers, robots and self-driving cars that perceive and understand the world.

  • At the cutting edge of manufacturing technology and innovation
  • Unique collaboration and partner working across industry, academia and research
  • Proven test-bed for research and development