Swedish MedTech innovators Ortivus are at the forefront of helping healthcare operators revolutionise the way ambulance providers and hospitals record and communicate vital patient data. Their ambitious products help to improve patient outcomes while maximising efficiencies across the healthcare ecosystem, ensuring that patients get the right treatment, at the right hospital, in real time.

Moving from semi-analogue patient records (like Singapore had previously) to fully digital patient records require a strategic, operational and implementation commitment. So, when Ortivus enters new markets, it is critical to know that the infrastructure and appetite for their products exists. Ortivus' CFO Lars Höst explains:

“While our solutions require a big operational, financial and structural investment, the benefits to patients and the wider network soon become obvious. When patient care records are shared between ambulance and hospital, medical information informs treatment and triage of the patient. This provides immediate care options for the on-board team and assists them in deciding which patients should be sent to the emergency department and which should be treated in primary care.”

The way we have worked with Business Sweden, our local partner and the healthcare providers shows that collaboration and local knowledge can help implement complex technology on a large scale to benefit the whole healthcare ecosystem. Lars Höst, CFO at Ortivus

“With our system, the team in the ambulance can pre-alert the relevant hospital ward when arriving with a critical patient. Using electronic patient records can also make it easier for administrative staff to allocate resources to the right places at the right time. Electronic patient records enable analysing big data and finding out the hot spots for ambulances.”

While Ortivus has a presence in Sweden, Norway, the UK and Italy, this is their first step into the Southeast Asian market. Working in partnership with a local provider has proven to be a critical element of success for progressing the wider contractual negotiations with the Singaporean authorities. Höst says:

“Following our initial conversations with our end users, we assessed that a local partner was necessary to help deliver our product and integrate it with established systems. Business Sweden helped from the outset. From the initial market sales analysis, they shaped the project through stakeholder mapping and engagement, partner search and engagement and tender support. This process helped us identify suitable local partners and global company ST Electronics emerged as the right fit. This approach means that we have expertise on the ground that can build and implement but also support long-term.”

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Making the leap to a geographically distant market can present other challenges, but Ortivus have utilised the Business Sweden project management services to drive the project on a day-to-day basis. This approach means all interactions are done locally with a reporting line back to management in Sweden.

The long-term impact of this partnership will be realised when the Ortivus solution is fully implemented. And the ripple effect to countries in the wider region will have benefits for both patients and healthcare providers. Höst concludes:

“Singapore is known for being at the cutting edge of healthcare provision and technology, so it is not surprising that they are investing in looking after their citizens with technology that helps healthcare professionals deliver outstanding care using real-time medical data. We are developing new modules and driving innovation in the market.

“We see Singapore as a blueprint for other Southeast Asian countries – the way we have worked with Business Sweden, our local partner and the healthcare providers shows that collaboration and local knowledge can help implement complex technology on a large scale to benefit the whole healthcare ecosystem.”



Ortivus were looking for markets that were technologically, structurally and operationally ready to consider implementing their unique e-health patient record system. Due to the complex solution, which requires large-scale investment and strategic buy-in, they needed deep insights and on-the-ground support to engage with key healthcare decision makers and stakeholders.


Thanks to Business Sweden’s market selection analysis, Ortivus could clearly see which markets would be receptive to their MedTech technologies. Knowing that the process from initial contact to sales completion would be long, they set out to find local partners who can support their long-term goal to create a robust local offer.


After three years of strategic local interaction and negotiations, Ortivus are about to embark on a large-scale implementation project to install their e-health patient record system with the local partner support of ST Electronics and Business Sweden.


A Swedish MedTech company with over 30 years’ experience in cardiology and medical technology, Ortivus is a leader in e-health solutions. Their ambulance-based patient record system connects with hospital patient data, providing invaluable medical information about the patient in real time, which enables critical medical decisions to be made about immediate care options. Ortivus’ solutions aim to provide large-scale efficiencies to pressured healthcare services and improve patient care.

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