Quant, formally ABB Full Service, has been a global market leader for over 25 years, providing professional industrial maintenance services for their customers.

In the USA however, Quant is a relatively unknown brand, and it has been a challenge for the company to get access to senior level executives to initiate a dialog for outsourcing maintenance services.

To formulate a more targeted market growth strategy, Quant wanted to develop insight on where the growth is within selected industries in the USA.

As Quant’s strategic partner in several markets around the world, Business Sweden was chosen to help them broaden their network and outreach efforts, with the goal of targeting high potential customers.

25,000 potential customers were narrowed down to a shortlist of high potential customers that tick all the boxes for a great partnership. Mark McCue, VP of North America Sales at Quant

Business Sweden provided Quant with an industry market analysis which assessed and ranked six manufacturing subsectors and more than 30 states, in which Quant had seen potential for customer growth. The analysis provided Quant with the most promising and suitable subsectors and states in which to focus their sales efforts. To understand the types of customers Quant wanted to target, Business Sweden worked closely with Quant’s management team and visited one of their current customer facilities in the USA.

Equipped with the knowledge of Quant’s ideal customer, a selection of two key subsectors and a focused geographic region (Great Lakes), Business Sweden created a long list of potential customers for Quant. To truly identify the best targets, the team also prioritised the list based on several quantitative and qualitative factors. The result is a short list of 18 potential customers spanning the top subsectors and states of interest.

Quant 2_case_1.jpg

Mark McCue, responsible for Quant’s North America sales, is very pleased with the work and results of the cooperation. “Business Sweden did a great job analysing the market, thoroughly assessing and scoring the market potential, and identifying which subsectors and areas to focus on. The shortlist really helps us to both identify and focus on the truly high potential targets in the USA.” 



As a relatively unknown brand in the USA, Quant found it difficult to get access to senior level executives to initiate a dialog for outsourcing maintenance services.


To develop a more targeted customer growth strategy for the USA. Based on quantitative and qualitative factors, Business Sweden narrowed down a list of over 25,000 customers in six manufacturing subsectors and thirty states to a short list of the highest potential customers.


A shortlist of 18 high potential customers to target.


Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Quant has more than 25 years of experience and over 2,200 employees delivering top-level industrial maintenance services. Quant is a market leader in this industry, maintaining and improving the safety, production and equipment performance for over 300 facilities across five continents.


The shortlist has enabled Quant to identify and focus on the most relevant high potential targets in the USA.

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