From Singapore to Brazil, Swedish companies have a business footprint in every corner of the world with operations that involve both extensive production and sales. The Global Business Climate Survey captures their instincts and views on local business conditions and the factors that determine success overseas.

As the global economy becomes increasingly regionalised and dominated by the three main economic powerhouses North America, Europe and Asia, many Swedish companies will be forced to ramp up their international business activities in order to expand revenue and maintain competitiveness. But rising economic nationalism, trade conflicts, the Covid-19 pandemic and other obstacles present a whole range of challenges.

Launched for the first time in 2020, the Global Business Climate Survey consolidates the results from surveys carried out among Swedish companies in 24 markets – giving readers a unique perspective on key considerations when doing business abroad.

Presenting input from 1,300 decision makers answering 17 standard questions, the survey highlights everything from local levels of digitalisation and customs issues to sustainability factors, as well as the perceived importance of a Swedish brand identity abroad.

The Global Business Climate Survey has been put together by Business Sweden, the Swedish Chambers of Commerce and Sweden’s embassies and consulates abroad. Thanks to vital methodological contributions from researchers at the Stockholm School of Economics, the survey creates a unique database of viewpoints that allows companies to do a comparative analysis of different markets.

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