Information The war in Ukraine and related trade barriers. Your questions on export rules compliance, supply chains and sanctions are answered here.


Doing business in a world of uncertainty

Sweden’s future prosperity is put in jeopardy as some countries undermine the foundations of global free trade. This report contributes to the broad knowledge base that will be instrumental in efforts to counteract this negative trend.

Germany Business Climate Survey 2020

What are the implications for Swedish companies as Europe’s economic engine stalls over the coronavirus outbreak? Find all the answers in our latest survey from Germany.

Beyond Covid-19: the rise of 5G in China

Recession or no recession, China isn’t wasting any time in rolling out 5G across major sectors. Here’s a look at next-gen networks in the world’s biggest test market for 5G and what Swedish suppliers should expect.

Sweden’s exports in the eye of the storm

How are Swedish export companies affected by the coronavirus crisis? Sales will continue to suffer severely, our latest survey shows, but fewer companies expect the situation to worsen in the next four weeks.

Indonesia Business Climate Survey

Why are 54 percent of Swedish companies in Indonesia planning to increase their local investments despite the global economic turmoil? Find out in our latest edition of the Business Climate Survey which outlines future opportunities.

The heat is on

Smart solutions for sustainable and cost-efficient air conditioning is a hot topic in the Gulf states. As urbanisation picks up speed in one of the world’s hottest regions, promising opportunities are opening up for Swedish suppliers of cutting-edge systems for district cooling.

Reducing the healthcare burden of NCDs

High rates of urbanisation and increasingly sedentary lifestyles are creating healthcare challenges in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. To tackle the burden of non-communicable disease and halt the increase, governments are strategically transforming their healthcare systems.

Africa consumer market on the move

Unprecedented economic growth and increasing numbers of upper-middle consumers are driving Africa’s retail revolution. Our report explores the future trends and behaviours in the continents fastest growing markets and opportunities for Swedish companies to grow global sales.

Reframing Australia

Asian competitors are gaining ground while a political agenda to favour domestic “Made in Australia” suppliers presents new challenges. But there is a silver lining for Swedish companies: the drive toward sustainability.

Accelerating change

Leading automotive industry experts expect big changes across the ecosystem – and big opportunities, our report outlines how traditional and new stakeholders can benefit.

Thailand Business Climate Survey

More and more Swedish companies are setting up operations in Thailand and exports to the country have increased by 20 per cent. But political instability, trade conflicts and public health risks are dampening expectations.

Tough action in the time of corona

The coronavirus pandemic has had severe consequences for Swedish exports. Our latest survey takes the temperature of impacts and mitigation plans among large exporting companies.

Swedish Value in Turkey

Why are Swedish companies using Turkey as a regional export hub and how do they contribute to the economy? This survey uncovers the answers.

A Transforming European HVAC Industry

The European HVAC and filters industries are on rapid trajectory of modernisation and digitalisation, our report examines the global megatrends and the shifting production models across the European ecosystem.

Make way for Indonesia

Southeast Asia’s largest economy is moving fast. It’s time to capture Indonesia’s potential across five key sectors.