Africa: Defining the future with innovation and sustainable development

A massive wave of innovation is sweeping across the globe and Africa is no longer playing catch up, but shaping it's own future. While the pandemic negatively affected businesses and economies, it has demonstrated the immense and urgent need for continuous innovation on the continent.

Canada Business Climate Survey

Swedish companies have a long history in Canada, with strong engagement, entrepreneurialism, and innovative thinking. This survey shows that the Canadian market offers excellent expansion opportunities for Swedish companies. Canada is a stable, growing, and competitive market, open to trade with foreign companies. Canada is recovering well from the initial shock of the Covid-19 pandemic with highly engaged federal and provincial government bodies.

France Business Climate Survey 2021

France has historically been an important trade partner for Sweden and this relationship keeps growing. With its 67 million inhabitants, France is the third largest market in Europe, and the seventh largest economy in the world. Key findings of the Business Climate Survey of 2021 are that France is considered an important market for Swedish companies and that the trust in the economic recovery is high.

Business Climate Survey India 2021

In these uncertain times, increased government spending can bring a multiplier effect in the economic growth and result in the boosted private sector’s sentiments and demand. A review of the outcome of the India Business Climate Survey 2021 reveals that despite the Covid pandemic, the performance expectations on the market have not much shifted in India.

Spain Business Climate Survey 2021

Team Sweden España (the Embassy, Business Sweden, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Madrid and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona) have joined forces and carried out a business climate survey among Swedish companies in Spain. The purpose of the survey has been to increase the understanding of how Swedish companies perform in Spain and deepen the appreciation of the opportunities and challenges that the Spanish market poses.

Japan Business Climate Survey

In the Business Climate Survey Japan 2020, the market outlook was quite poor due to the concerns regarding the impact of Covid-19. However, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the large majority – 75 per cent – of Swedish firms in Japan remained profitable.

US Business Climate Survey 2021

The US is a key market for many Swedish companies and the US is Sweden’s largest export market outside of Europe. Sweden as a country, as well as Swedish products and services have an excellent reputation for sustainability, innovation and quality among American businesses and consumers. With the US investing in green, sustainable and innovative solutions, Swedish companies can leverage their status as industry leaders.

South Africa Business Climate Survey 2021

South Africa has focused its efforts on growing its economy to becoming a globally competitive and more attractive investment destination through rapid industrialisation and diversity. Despite having weak economic growth in the last few years averaging just below 1 per cent in the 5 years before 2020, the country remains one of the continent’s top investment destinations.

Cracking the complex code

China is a vast, and at times, a daunting market and it is not the right fit for everyone; but it cannot be ignored. All international brands need an informed position to ascertain if China is a viable consumer market. The purpose of this study is to offer guidance by capturing learnings from Swedish brands who have been successful in the market.

Indonesia Business Climate Survey 2021

A large number of Swedish companies have a presence or economic interest in Indonesia, one of Southeast Asia's emerging economies, and the scope for further investment is on the rise with steady economic growth and a booming middle-class. This Business Climate Survey provides insights from Swedish companies and their views on the market and operational conditions.

Vietnam Business Climate Survey 2021

After the European Union - Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) became operational in August 2020, Swedish business in Vietnam has embarked on a new era. Despite the continuing challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Business Climate Survey Vietnam 2021 illustrates Swedish firms' optimism towards Vietnam’s business environment.

Türkiye Business Climate Survey

Türkiye was one of the few OECD countries that experienced positive growth in 2020. But the country has faced severe challenges ranging from political and regional uncertainties to currency volatility and pandemic impacts. Despite this, no less than 75% of Swedish companies surveyed in Türkiye were profitable last year.

Hong Kong Business Climate Survey

The prosperous business hub Hong Kong used to be known as “Asia’s world city”. But recent political changes and the economic downturn due to the pandemic have cast doubt on Hong Kong’s future. This survey captures the most up-to-date view of the business climate from Swedish companies on the ground.

China Business Climate Survey

Swedish companies perceive an improved business climate compared to last year and saw an impact of COVID-19 less negative than expected with forecasted revenue and profit increases in 2021 compared with last year, but challenges on the market remain.

Germany Business Climate Survey 2021

Known as Europe’s economic engine, Germany has played an important role in leading the European Union through the Covid-19 crisis. By implementing generous support schemes, Germany could assure stability on the market, which has created an improved business climate and has given Swedish companies a positive outlook on the future.