Paving the way for sustainable business

Business Sweden’s sustainability programme took major a leap forward in 2020 despite the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Apart from implementing a new code of conduct, we established an internal sustainability network and launched a new climate initiative together with Team Sweden.

Singapore Business Climate Survey 2021

Bound by mutual goals of sustainability through innovation and an open approach to collaboration, Singapore and Sweden's have strong business ties that are mutually beneficial to both countries. A robust approach to the pandemic has seen Singapore's economy and international trade remain steady and in some areas grow and this report reveals the experiences and expectations of Swedish companies based in Singapore.

Going regional – the way forward?

How can Sweden’s supply networks and business ecosystems support the trend toward near-market manufacturing in Europe? In this report we explore the rising role of regionalised production through a collection of viewpoints from experts in Sweden’s industrial frontline.

USA: FDA Handbook

It can be difficult to understand how FDA regulations will impact your U.S. business, therefore Business Sweden has developed FDA guides to help you navigate the various regulations and requirements for your company.

Retail Guide Sweden 2020/2021

Need a personal guide to the latest opportunities in Retail? Let us show you what Sweden’s three largest city regions has to offer. This guide provides facts and interactive maps about the Swedish market, consumers and key retail areas. Many international brands have already discovered the potential but there is room for many more.

Norway Business Climate Survey

More than neighbours, Norway and Sweden are also linked by strong cultural and political ties that combine with common ambitions to collaborate to create a more sustainable future through strong business relationships. But Norway's normally strong economy has not been immune to the economic impact of the pandemic and this report reflects the views of Swedish companies on the ground.

Unprecedented power shift in global supply chains

Mega trends are forcing structural change to global supply chains in all regions around the world. The pandemic has been a catalyst for accelerating transformation and Swedish companies are advised to review supply chain strategies so they are fit for both the short- and long-term.

Reclaiming growth in the US market

Seven out of ten Swedish companies operating in the US have either recovered or are in a recovery phase, this new survey shows. Can the optimistic outlook be sustained as the pandemic rages on? Get perspectives from the ground in the world’s largest economy.

How is Africa shaping up as the world's next economic frontier?

Africa is on the cusp of an innovation revolution with leaders from across the business and economic spectrum seeking to identify and evaluate ways to leverage opportunities and growth potential. This report examines what strategies and approaches can Swedish companies take to accelerate market presence.

Doing business in the UK after Brexit

The end of the transition period is rapidly approaching and still there is no clarity over the new EU-UK trade relationship. Has this lingering uncertainty affected how Swedish companies view their future in the UK market? This study uncovers the answer.

France Business Climate Survey

France was the leading European destination for Swedish investments in 2019 and Swedish companies are doing well – demonstrating both profitability and confidence in the French market. Some 71 per cent of new entrants are planning to increase their investments.

Growth in mining's evolving ecosystems

Established and developing markets in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa are competing to provide metal and minerals for new technology, production and sustainable solutions for a smarter, sustainable future.

Africa's free-trade era begins

When the African Continental Free-Trade Area Agreement came into effect in January 2021, it marked the beginning of a new era for trade within and to the continent. With intra-trade set to increase significantly by 2035, Swedish companies on the continent will see a dramatic shift in opportunities. The growth potential is vast, but a strategic approach is needed to navigate the new landscape.

China Business Climate Survey

Structural changes and the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic present new challenges in China, but Swedish companies continue to have a positive outlook on market growth.

Keeping business moving in the hard-hit US market

Across the US, Swedish companies, particularly those in automotive and manufacturing, and retail and food are adjusting and responding to the impact of Covid-19 and moving to mitigate the economic and social consequences. The impact of travel restrictions and revenue disruptions are being felt across the business spectrum.