A complex combination of trends are shaping the European HVAC and filters markets, presenting both challenges and need for change and growth opportunities. Environmental change and rapid technology advancement are sweeping aside historical approaches, making way for innovative, sustainable and connected technologies and businesses. Industry players are being forced to rethink and restructure the way they meet both consumer and regulation changes.

The demand for connected homes driven by smart and energy efficient technology and stringent energy efficiency regulations have created unmet challenges and cross-vertical solutions, led by Sweden’s expertise in connectivity and sustainability, are primed to provide many answers.

Swedish companies have the competitive edge to lead the transformation of the HVAC industry in major European markets. Scope for collaboration and partnerships are emerging in most European countries with major growth being driven by four critical markets: Italy, Russia, France and Germany.

Note: This report was compiled before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 which has dramatically changed the security policy situation and business conditions in the region. For updated information, please contact us at Exportregler.