Indonesia is an awakening giant in Asia. This island nation of 270 million inhabitants, where five million people are joining the middle class every year, is becoming an important destination for companies that want to tap into the world’s fastest growing region.

This report provides an insider’s perspective on Southeast Asia’s largest economy and examines growth opportunities across five business sectors: infrastructure & construction, transport, healthcare, manufacturing and retail/e-commerce.

With thriving industries and an ambitious plan to build a new capital city on the island of Borneo, Indonesia stands at an exciting crossroads in its development. It has seen staggering levels of urbanisation with 55 per cent of the population now living in cities compared to 29 per cent some 30 years ago.

More importantly, investments are rising and Western companies and startups are discovering Indonesia’s promising potential. The digital economy is growing at breakneck speed and is poised to hit USD 130 billion by 2025.

Get the full picture coupled with insights from Swedish companies that are expanding their local footprint.