Sweden and Australia have long-standing business ties built on supply and demand for high quality products and solutions. While these relationships remain robust today, the landscape is shifting. It is now time to assess new market forces, reposition and re-engage with customers “Down Under”.

This report looks at three transformational trends in Australia and presents five strategic imperatives for continued success and competitiveness. Swedish companies need to adapt to a changing playing field where:

• More and more Asian suppliers are entering the premium segment
• Australia is increasingly focusing on using domestic suppliers to favour its own economy and reduce transport
• The drive toward sustainability is opening up new opportunities for growth

Asian suppliers with operations in Australia are increasingly vying for market share by focusing on quality. This means that Swedish companies need to sharpen their offering and present compelling arguments for why customers should choose goods and services from northern Europe when next door neighbours are knocking on their door.

At the same time, Swedish suppliers are world leaders in the field of sustainability – and Australian companies are facing a critical need to improve their performance in this area.

The report “Reframing Australia” is based on interviews with Swedish companies as well as market intelligence from Business Sweden’s office in Sydney, generated from close contacts with Australian companies and the Embassy of Sweden in Canberra.

Explore these actionable insights to boost your position in what leading business media have referred to as “the world’s most successful economy.”