The Nordic region is attracting an increasing level of significant investments in new datacenters. This is not a coincidence as the Nordics scores comparatively higher on factors such as reliable power supply, low energy prices, political stability, faster time-to-market, and abundance of energy and other resources compared to more traditional European datacenter regions. All factors that are deemed most important by datacenter investors.

Against the background of a growing global demand for data generation and communication, the Nordic region has attracted significant datacenter investments. For example, after Google and Facebook entered the region in 2009 and 2011, the Nordic countries have become a preferred site location by an increasing number of datacenter investors.

The figure above illustrates the 2018 development in the Nordic countries. It presents the locations of significant datacenter investment which are already operational, under construction, in planning, or where land has been acquired for potential planning. It should not be viewed as a complete mapping, but a visualisation of the current investment landspace.

This report estimates that by 2025 the Nordics could attract annual datacenter construction investments in the order of EUR 2-4.3 billion. This is based on the forecast of the future demand worldwide for datacenter services – as well as the strong value proposition of the Nordic countries towards large datacenter investments.