Turkey is home to more than 125 Swedish companies operating in numerous industries. In addition, no fewer than 400 Swedish companies are estimated to have distributors and agents in the country. 

The report “Swedish Value in Turkey” takes a deep dive into the impact of Swedish business in Turkey. It explores how Swedish companies are contributing both to Turkey’s economy and social development with facts that, in terms of gross value added, are well-worth highlighting.

Over the past five years, Swedish companies in Turkey have created close to EUR 8.4 billion (TRY 47.3 bn) of value in the economy. The 50 Swedish companies that have contributed to this report employ some 61,000 people in Turkey. The number of staff working in R&D departments at Swedish companies now exceeds 1,000 people.

In this study you will find a comprehensive analysis of value in Turkey’s economy that can be attributed to Swedish companies. The emphasis is on five key areas showing how these companies:

  • contribute to high export volumes from Turkey to international markets
  • provide employment opportunities for thousands of people
  • strengthen Turkey’s economic development
  • build R&D facilities
  • how they impact social responsibility in terms of gender equality, human rights, environment and education.

The report has been developed by Team Sweden in Turkey based on a survey conducted among Swedish companies with a local presence.

Get the inside perspective from Swedish companies on the ground – in the land that links Europe with Asia.

Download the report in English (pdf)

Download the report in Turkish (pdf)