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Transforming the transport sector is one of the cornerstones in achieving the UN global goals for sustainable development. Today’s pioneers of modern mobility are stepping up to the challenge – using collaborative innovation to reinvent the future.

Sweden’s rapid advances in electrification, alternative fuels, self-driving vehicles, connectivity, and platforms for shared mobility provide a powerful springboard for change. All backed up by world class know-how in digitalisation, automotive manufacturing, testing and road safety.

The Smart Transport ecosystem brings together the changemakers – companies, start-ups, researchers and incubators – to unlock the next era of fossil-free and digitally-powered transport of people and goods. Are you ready to get on board?

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E-mobility and renewable fuels

Smart technologies from Sweden are increasingly being introduced worldwide to accelerate the electrification of transport. With a focus on battery applications, charging infrastructure, biofuels, and hydrogen fuels, we work to promote, innovate and fast-track the shift to green transport.

Future mobility technologies

Innovation is the beating heart of Sweden’s smart transport ecosystem. We bring together world class manufacturers, automotive suppliers, researchers, tech start-ups and investors in a common mission: to redefine the technologies that will underpin tomorrow’s seamless mobility systems. Will your solution pave the way for global change?

Smart transport systems and infrastructure

The shift to zero emissions transport, intelligent and self-driving vehicles, forces a major rethink of infrastructure. This programme focuses on the global transformation of public transport, aviation, ports, railways, logistics and the development of smart roads. Join our journey to shape the future!

Join Sweden in the smart transport transition

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Head of Business Ecosystem Stockholm Email
#1 Sweden is the EU’s most innovative country – topping the EIS ranking in 2021 for the sixth consecutive year.
98% Sweden’s energy grid is 98 per cent fossil-free. More than 60 per cent of electricity supply comes from renewables.
15% The automotive sector is Sweden’s second largest exporting industry, accounting for 15 per cent of total exports.
17+ Number of test beds focusing on autonomous driving, e-mobility, road safety and alternative fuels.
Sweden's Smart Transport Ecosystem

The global automotive industry is on the cusp of a revolution. Swedish car and truck manufacturers, technology startups and researchers are at the forefront of co-creating smart transport solutions that will pave the way for carbon-free flow of people and goods.

E-mobility and renewable fuels

USA - a key market for green Swedish companies

Huge investments are planned and invested in for the United States to reach its agreed climate goals. The Green Energy Alliance works to bring American stakeholders together with companies in Sweden that have proven solutions for sustainable energy, grid infrastructure and electromobility.

CAKE client case.jpg
CAKE on the move: E-bike innovator revs up global sales

Business Sweden’s accelerator programme Catalyst gives Swedish e-bike manufacturer Cake a springboard to expansion in Europe and the US.

Dana accelerates into e-mobility era with a new facility in Sweden

When the American vehicle components giant Dana Incorporated needed to ramp up its production of e-propulsion drivetrains, Åmål, Sweden, became the choice location for a USD 50 million electrodynamics facility – unlocking unique automation and sustainability benefits.

Future mobility technologies

Global megatrends redefine Europe's automotive industry

What are the business opportunities when regulations and consumers push for a green energy transition? When supply chains are digitised and when self-driving vehicles are increasingly embraced? Explore how we can all benefit from global megatrends and local adaptation as Europe's automotive sector is redefined.

A semiconductor alliance for green growth

The semiconductor industry is today a critical part of the value chain in the sustainable industry. The new initiative "Semiconductors by Sweden Alliance" brings together stakeholders from semiconductor ecosystems in Sweden and Taiwan to create industrial synergies and mutual business opportunities.

Martin Jönsson thumbnail.jpg
Pod-TV: The future is now for Swedish mobility

Tomorrow’s holistic, fully connected and carbon-free transport system is closer than you might think – at least in Sweden. Tune into this pod-TV episode with Martin Jönsson for an inside look at how Sweden is shaping the future of e-mobility, autonomous driving and other trends.

Smart transport systems and infrastructure

China_s belt _ road initiative.jpg
What does China's Belt & Road initiative mean for Swedish companies?

In this report, you can read about what China’s initiative “Belt & Road” means for Swedish companies and how they can benefit from this mega initiative. Read and learn more about how investments in roads, railways and ports will affect your logistics chain.

How Bring took the shortcut to the Russian market

The Swedish transport and logistics company Bring decided to open a subsidiary in Russia, despite complicated regulations and uncertain economic prospects. Normally it takes at least two years to enter the Russian market, but with the help of Business Sweden, the office was in place within a year.

Podcast: Charting the route to carbon-free flying

It may come as a surprise, but getting airplanes to fly carbon-free is a secondary challenge for the aviation industry. Get the inside story from Ulf Ruderbark at Business Sweden and Maria Fiskerud, Sustainability Manager at BRA – both interviewed in this podcast episode.

Why invest in Sweden?

– Sweden’s automotive sector is spearheading change at the global level with cutting-edge technologies for electric and hybrid vehicles.

– Highly skilled engineering talent and leading IT skills for systems integration, connected vehicles, smart roads and rail and low-emission aviation.

– Thriving innovation system and strong culture of collaboration, coupled with a diverse network of sub-suppliers with high digital readiness.

Why go global?

– Sweden’s reputation for quality, sustainability and technology innovation is second to none, and growing stronger as countries invest in green infrastructure and transport.

– Swedish suppliers are well-positioned in global markets that are in the starting blocks of co-innovation and sustainability.

– Vast business opportunities are opening up across the mobility spectrum as new national and regional investment plans ramp up worldwide.

Upcoming events

February 11
Sweden + Spain Green Alliance

We believe that shared challenges are best solved together. To tackle the sustainability challenge, we need to join forces and shift gear. Solutions to make the world more sustainable are all...

February 11 - December 31, 2022
November 08
Participate at The Nordic Stand at Ecomondo 2022

Does your company offer solutions contributing to the green transition? Ecomondo is an international hub where all the drivers of the ecological transition are presented and discussed.

November 08 - 11, 2022
Rimini Italy
November 14
Swedish Lifestyle Week Seoul 2022 - B2B matchmaking & Marketing campaign

South Korea has been home of trendy and conscious conumers being a bridgehead to reach and influence Asian consumers. Many global brands continue to view Seoul as a test bed in Asia thanks to...

November 14 - 20, 2022
Seoul, South Korea

Case studies

Cellink goes global with game-changing biotech technology

Cellink’s unique and innovative 3D bioprinting technology which enable the printing of human tissue and organs have revolutionised research, replacing animal experiments and shortening project lead times. With global demand for their technology sky high, the company needed support to identify and move into new markets

Senior’s cutting edge materials perfect fit for Nordic battery cluster

With innovation at their core, Senior Technology Material have found a natural home in Sweden, playing a critical role in the booming Nordic battery cluster to bring much needed new materials to the green energy sector. Their ambitions for sustainable development align with the ambitions of industry and supplying Northvolt’s battery production and ongoing growth.


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