Creating a sustainable system for travel and transports is crucial for continued economic development and prosperity. The future transport system needs to be accessible, attractive, well-functioning and economically efficient. This is a prerequisite for meeting the challenges related to employment, health and climate change. Smart transport is one of the foundation stones for achieving the UN’s global goals for sustainable development.

For this reason, increased investments in research and digitalisation at all levels of the transport system are needed, in order to optimise transports and create a fossil-free society. In addition, the use of new technologies such as AI is key for making transport alternatives more accessible, especially as we are currently experiencing a shift away from personally-owned modes of transport towards mobility provided as a service. New technologies also create opportunities for deploying connected and intelligent vehicles, which will increase road safety.

Sweden forges ahead in automotive and mobility tech

With its unique focus on innovation, sustainability and co-creation, Sweden takes an active role in solving the challenges facing the transport sector and participates in creating smart solutions for the future. Alongside its strong traditional industries, Sweden has managed to nurture a world class tech industry collaborating across multiple disciplines, both in Sweden and globally. Take for example Sweden’s automotive industry which has become one of the most dynamic in the world. With a strong heritage of vehicle manufacturing, it offers a winning environment for automotive companies in production, software development, safety systems, components supply, testing or R&D. As new technologies revolutionise vehicles and the way they are produced, more and more manufacturers are recognising the benefits of localising production in Sweden, where highly skilled expertise in mobile communications systems, connectivity and automation is readily available. 

Green energy for green transport

Sweden is currently heading towards a zero-carbon vehicle fleet by 2030. This makes the country a natural choice for green vehicle development. In addition, Sweden offers an abundant supply of renewable energy with the lowest prices in Europe. Coupled with the high availability of suitable production sites, Sweden’s ambition to build the world’s greenest batteries makes it the perfect localisation choice for production of batteries and battery materials.


Sweden is also a preferred destination for auto testing thanks to state-of-the-art facilities where vehicles and components are tested in all climates and conditions, from sub-zero Arctic temperatures to simulated desert heat. Manufacturers and developers looking to create new high-performing and sustainable automotive parts and technologies will find many opportunities here.

New era for aviation and maritime

However, it is not only the automotive industry that is breaking new ground in the field of smart transport. Opportunities extend to aviation, remote controlled air traffic management, drone technologies and a highly innovative maritime industry – all sectors where Sweden is considered to be world-leading and a formidable partner for co-creating smart solutions. 

How we can help

Business Sweden can help you tap into the opportunities that Sweden’s innovative transport sector and related mobility tech industry offer, as well as build valuable partnerships with Swedish companies in the smart transport ecosystem – both in Sweden and globally. We do this through strategic advice, practical support, market insights and an extensive business network.

We especially focus our expertise and support on:

  • Autonomous, connected and electric vehicles
  • E-commerce and Smart logistics