Business Sweden helps small companies reach big goals through the Global Business Development programme. With this programme, we support SMEs and start-ups in creating a tailored approach to grow your global sales an to take their first steps to new markets. This support is partly subsidised by the Swedish Government.

The programme takes into account the specific circumstances and needs of your company and can be carried out in one or more markets. You will get valuable insights on how to:

  • Understand and approach the local market
  • Successfully establish your company in a new market
  • Access new revenue streams, sales channels and partners
  • Generate interest for your offering in the new market
  • Streamline the distribution of your products or services
  • Launch new offers in existing markets

Global Business Development Programme - Emerging Markets

This programme is an opportunity for medium-sized Swedish companies to grow their business at a low risk outside of Europe and the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China). The difference with the Global Business Development Programme for small businesses lies in the fact that the Emerging Markets programme only applies to specific markets.

Global Business Development Programme - FOOD Accelerator

This specific programme supports small and medium-sized Swedish companies in the food and beverage industry, to grow globally in accordance with our Global Business Development Programme. Read more about how we help companies in the food and beverage industry through our Try Swedish Export programme.

Criteria for participation

Read more about the requirements and criteria for participation in the various Global Business Development Programmes here.