The European Commission and the EU's High Representative have presented Global Gateway, a new EU strategy to promote smart, environmentally friendly, and secure connections in digital infrastructure, energy, and transport. With this strategy, the EU also aims to strengthen healthcare, education, and research systems around the world.

Key Sectors in Global Gateway:

  • Digital: Support for the development of open and secure internet infrastructure.
  • Energy: Investments in clean energy solutions.
  • Transport: Improvement of green, smart, and secure transport networks.
  • Health: Strengthening healthcare systems and local vaccine production.
  • Education and Research: Promoting high-quality education with a focus on inclusion.


For Swedish small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Global Gateway opens doors to new markets and partnerships, providing access to significant financial resources and technical support. Here are examples of how you can benefit from Global Gateway:

  • Access to New Markets
    Global Gateway is about building partnerships beyond Europe. This initiative will help Swedish companies reach emerging markets in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and beyond, offering new opportunities for growth and expansion.

    • Financial Support
      This includes:
      • Grants
      • Loans
      • Capital investments
      • Guarantees to unlock private investments

  • Technological Advances
    Invest in cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure projects that adhere to global sustainability standards. Whether it’s digital transformation or renewable energy, Swedish companies can stay ahead.

  • Collaborative Projects
    Participate in flagship projects. These initiatives not only drive innovation but also enhance your company's reputation on the global stage.

Explore financing opportunities
Collaborate with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for financing solutions tailored to your needs.

Network with key players
Collaborate with EU institutions, development finance institutions, and other commercial banks to leverage their expertise and resources.

• Stay informed
Keep up with the latest developments and opportunities through Business Sweden and the Global Gateway platform.

• Apply for projects
Watch for application rounds and tenders where your company can contribute to and benefit from the Global Gateway initiative.

Business Sweden's mission is to safeguard Swedish business interests, inform and support companies on how they can best engage with and benefit from Global Gateway to grow internationally.

Let’s explore what Global Gateway means for your company. This page will be updated with exciting activities and events after the summer.

Stay tuned and check back soon to see how we can help your company grow globally.