Build your export plan

Evaluate your export opportunities. Our global business developers will help you analyse new markets, prioritise the right steps and develop your tailored export plan.

Engage local support

Do you need hands-on assistance abroad? We offer local business support adapted to your request – whether it be market analysis, reaching out to customers and partners or taking part in promotion activities.

Start your export journey

Get advice on export rules

We can answer your questions about customs procedures and trade rules that apply in markets where you want to expand your business.


Want to take your business global? Contact our business developers for help or explore a selection of common questions below.

How do I know if my company meets the criteria for receiving support?

In our portfolio of services and programmes for small and medium sized enterprises we have a unique government mandate to help export-ready companies with fewer than 250 employees and a turnover below 500M SEK.  

We always carry out an assessment of companies’ needs and readiness for exports and expansion in international markets.  

If your company is just starting out and not quite ready to expand we would be pleased to refer you to one of our partner organisations such as Almi, who can assist with loans, risk capital and business development.     

To boost your planning skills in preparation for exports, use our free digital tool GoGlobal. Create your account here!

We have limited possibilities to engage consultants. What do your services cost?

Our services encompassing coaching, market analysis, evaluation of export opportunities, export plan development and advice on export rules and regulations are free-of-charge thanks to our government assignment. This makes our offer unique.   

When we put together larger tailored projects according to companies’ needs we charge a consultancy fee that is 50 per cent subsidised by the government. The same goes for our promotional activities around the world allowing you to take part in trade exhibitions and group activities with local stakeholders at half of the ordinary cost.

We want to grow globally but need niche expertise. How do you ensure that we get relevant support?

Our business developers are specialised in seven strategic business ecosystems that include the most prevalent industries of the future. Our staff have solid experience from the private sector and will focus on building a deep understanding of your operations and business needs. We ensure that you get engaged support.

What are the advantages of using Business Sweden?

Many companies decide to engage our support based on our long-standing expertise in export development and international expansion, our industry-specific knowledge and, not least, our global presence.

Our business developers offer assistance both in Sweden in more than 40 of the world’s most exciting markets. This means we can act as your company’s extended arm. The fact that our services are either free-of-charge or subsidised also makes us attractive and competitive.   

Our continuous monitoring of the effect of our services (together with the analyst firm DAMVAD) shows that companies that have received support and advice from us have, after three years, increased their export activities by 37%, increased turnover by 24 per cent and increased number of employees by 7 per cent.

How long will it take before you respond to my request?

We will send a first confirmation within 48 hours of receiving your request. Our review process will then take up to a week before we respond with a proposal for next steps.

Please take the opportunity to submit detailed information (company facts, business goals and needs) when filling in the contact form, as way of shortening lead times.

We can help you expand overseas. Our business developers offer strategic advice and hands-on support in more than 40 markets worldwide.