"I am happy and proud to have the opportunity to make a contribution in Ukraine during an immensely important phase in Ukraine's and Europe's history, focusing on reconstruction and guidance for Swedish companies and government agencies", says Andreas.

Andreas is currently the Trade Commissioner in Kenya and Market Area Manager for Africa. He has previously worked as a Trade Commissioner in Russia and has extensive experience in the region after serving in Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans, and Central Asia for many years. He will lead the work in Ukraine by, among other things, establishing a long-term plan for our focus areas in the country and completing the recruitment of a senior employee who will work locally.

"When Ukraine is rebuilt after the war, it benefits everyone if it is done in a green, sustainable, and modern way. Swedish companies can contribute significantly to this and I am pleased that Andreas has accepted the opportunity to lead our work on the ground. He has good knowledge of local conditions and language, understands the trade commissioner's craft, and grasps the networks that need to be established. Together with the involved authorities and companies, he will make a difference in the country's reconstruction," says Jan Larsson, CEO of Business Sweden.

During 2023, Andreas will gradually hand over his current duties, dividing his time between Africa and Ukraine for the remaining months of the year. Starting from next year, 2024, he will work full-time with a focus on Ukraine.

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