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Preparing for a reshaped world

A long road to recovery lies ahead despite promising news of effective vaccines. In this episode, Business Sweden’s VP APAC David Hallgren explains the strategic tools and tactics that business leaders need to adopt to tackle uncertainty in export markets.

Time to adapt to a new reality

Keeping pace with accelerating transformations and trends is vital to winning in the new business landscape. But how do you adapt your strategy to changing times? Here’s a look at essential steps for decision-makers as markets begin to recover.

Gearing up for a reinvented world

How will the pandemic accelerate change in the world hierarchy? Which markets are likely to leap forward and why? This third part of our series on the New Business Landscape puts seven key trends into perspective.

The world then and now

Will international business ever be the same? What are the likely outcomes of the current crisis? This second part of our series New Business Landscape explores recovery scenarios and how decision-makers can adapt their thinking.

Doing business in a post-pandemic world

How will global trade change after Covid-19? Business Sweden presents a series of whitepapers and webinars that explores the new paradigm for cross-border economic relations.

Got a question?

Need a helping hand to navigate change and plan your next steps? Our global business developers can provide insights, strategic advice and practical support in more than 40 markets.