Investments in 5G are growing rapidly in China and next-gen 5G solutions have already been deployed in the fightback against the Covid-19 outbreak. This report outlines how China is accelerating its rollout of 5G network capacity and presents recommendations for Swedish companies.

China’s ‘big three’ telecom operators are planning to build 300,000 base stations by the end of 2020. Mobile 5G networks already cover 50 cities while 5G infrastructure is one of the pillars of China’s strategy to boost economic growth and get the economy back on track.

The majority of contracts for 5G towers have gone to Chinese suppliers, although Sweden’s Ericsson has managed to secure 11.5% of the planned projects, as the only foreign company to be granted licences. Ericsson has also played an important role in Covid-19 response – building four base stations in two days to provide 5G coverage for mission critical hospitals in Wuhan.

As China pulls ahead in the 5G race, Swedish companies specialising in AR/VR, IoT, 8K video, drones and more, need to pay close attention to the developments. This market insight on 5G in China serves as the starting point.

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