The energy transmission sector in Africa is pivotal to ensure that the power
generated from renewable energy sources can be efficiently transported to urban centres, industries, and rural communities. The African continent has abundant renewable energy resources – but the need to bridge the energy access gap is accelerating rapidly.

One of the key challenges facing Africa’s energy landscape is the lack of
robust transmission and distribution infrastructure. This hampers overall socio economic progress and limits the ability to reap the benefits of renewable energy. That is why Africa’s energy transmission sector currently reveals a diverse mix of opportunities that can be leveraged by Swedish companies, given their expertise in sustainable solutions and commitment to innovation.

The establishment of cross-border energy transmission networks is the best
way of facilitating exchange of electricity between neighbouring countries. This approach not only bolsters regional stability but also allows countries to complement each other’s energy profiles and provide mutual backup support during times of shortages.

This is where Swedish expertise in everything from grid management systems and smart metering to energy storage technologies and high-voltage transmission lines comes into play. By collaborating with local stakeholders and governments, Swedish companies offering sustainable and innovative energy transmission solutions can help bridge the energy access gap and drive economic growth and social progress in Africa.

This report provides an overview of the potential in Africa’s energy transmission sector, while looking into the opportunities for Swedish companies in six selected markets – Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa and The Democratic Republic of the Congo – where the current outlook is particularly promising.

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