The Middle East holds the unenviable position of expecting the world’s highest NCD growth over the next ten years. This trend is putting increasing pressure on healthcare structures and governments are responding with investment to improve systems that will deliver cost efficiencies and improved patient outcomes.

The region’s biggest markets, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, have implemented strategic goals to transform their public and private healthcare provision and creating value-based and preventative healthcare systems.

Both the UAE and Saudi Arabia governments and their respective healthcare authorities are actively seeking and collaborating with Swedish companies to implement new processes and solutions, as well as participating in knowledge sharing and education programmes.

The vast scope of the transformation means there are opportunities across the entire healthcare ecosystem for Swedish expertise and solutions to partner and be part of creating a healthier future for the Middle East.

Download our report, Building a healthy future, for a detailed analysis of the market and growth opportunities in the Middle East’s two largest countries, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.