In our annual Business Climate Survey, it is evident that Swedish businesses continue to regard Hong Kong as an attractive business location. Of the surveyed Swedish companies, 55 per cent expect their industry turnover to increase, and 33 per cent plan to increase their investments slightly or significantly in the next 12 months.

As many as 83 per cent of Swedish companies in Hong Kong consider Brand Sweden beneficial for business, up from 72 per cent last year. The survey’s respondents believe that the main characteristics of the “Swedish brand” in Hong Kong are quality, followed by trustdesign, sustainability, innovation, and safety. 

Of the respondents, 87 per cent stated that sustainability is a part of their business model or strategy. The importance is highest within the consumer goods sector, where only nine per cent of the respondents believe that consumers consider environmental aspects little or not at all.

Please download the report to fully overview the results with a detailed analysis.


The Business Climate Survey for Swedish Companies in Hong Kong SAR 2024 is a joint initiative by Team Sweden: Business Sweden, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, and the Consulate General of Sweden.

The aim of the survey is to further understand the performance of Swedish companies, their perception towards market conditions, opportunities and challenges that they are facing, as well as their outlook on the Hong Kong market.

The 2024 survey was conducted between 19 February and 6 March 2024. The response rate was 58 per cent. Out of the 108 Swedish companies in Hong Kong who were invited to take part in the survey, 63 companies participated.