India is currently riding the wave of the four big trends – demographic dividend, de-globalisation, digitalisation and de-carbonisation. A rapidly expanding middle class, intensified government spending on infrastructure, and geopolitical factors spur the growth. As a result, India is estimated to be the world’s third largest economy by 2027.

India has always been a key destination for Swedish companies. More than 275 Swedish companies are now operating in India, building long-term, sustainable, and meaningful business. The business climate was perceived as good or very good by 72 per cent of the 195 companies that participated in the survey.

The Swedish brand continues to hold strong value in the eyes of customers to Swedish companies in India. Only eight per cent of the companies assert that the Swedish brand contributes little to no value, indicating that 92 per cent of companies perceive the Swedish brand as contributing to their business in India.

Please download the report to fully overview the results with a detailed analysis. 


As a joint effort with the Swedish business community in India, Team Sweden is pleased to present you the Business Climate Survey 2024. With this comprehensive report, our aim is to provide a useful overview of the business environment in India, especially to you who are looking India-wards.

All of the 275+ Swedish companies present in India were invited to participate in this survey, and 195 companies responded, resulting in a response rate of ~71 per cent.

A sincere thank you to all survey respondents for your contributions and forthcoming views.