The US labour market remains strong, with wages growing at a higher rate than inflation. Swedish companies' expectations on turnover further emphasise the current robustness of the US economy, with 72 per cent of the survey respondents expecting an increased turnover. 

While Swedish companies maintain a positive perception of the US business climate, optimism dipped slightly in 2024. Uncertainty surrounding the presidential election outcome is a potential factor, with recent polls highlighting a tight race between the candidates. Furthermore, Swedish companies perceive a lack of focus on sustainability among US customers. Although US customers are increasingly aware, willingness to pay for it remains limited. 

To succeed in the US, respondents emphasise sales competence, brand awareness, and partnerships and relations as important areas to maintain competitiveness. 

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The Business Climate Survey for the US market has been conducted yearly since 2021 to track and analyse changes. Today, it is likely that more than a thousand Swedish or Swedish-affiliated subsidiaries are active in the US. 

More than 1100 Swedish companies were contacted to partake in the 2024 US Business Climate Survey, with answers collected during February 2024. Selected companies were interviewed to ensure a deeper understanding of the factors driving their responses. This year’s Business Climate Survey received a total of 123 responses.

We would like to thank the Business Climate Survey respondents and interview participants for their invaluable contributions to this year’s report. Your insights deepen our understanding of Swedish companies’ perceptions of the current business climate, enabling us to expand Swedish innovation and quality in the US market together.