In an era of global sustainability focus, nations and corporations are committing to ambitious environmental targets. To meet the set targets for the coming decade, investments in the green transition must triple.

Sweden stands out as a leader in emission reduction. With an ecosystem of innovative climate tech start-ups and legacy companies at the forefront of sustainability, Sweden is poised to contribute to global decarbonisation efforts.

This report serves as a guide to the most promising opportunities for which Sweden can leverage its strengths and contribute to global efforts. Major sources of global emissions and the levers that will have the most impact on decarbonisation have been mapped against Swedish strengths and know-how to pinpoint which areas and sectors Sweden can make the largest impact.

Furthermore, it highlights how Swedish companies can leverage opportunities in different markets and contribute to a greener future.


The report series Executive Global Insight is published by Business Sweden to give Swedish business leaders a regular deep-dive into the most important trends in cross-border trade.

The reports help decision makers break down risks and opportunities and provide actionable insights, drawn from the knowledge and expertise of Business Sweden’s global advisors based in more than 40 markets worldwide. 

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