Client cases

Safe at Sea signs strategic partnership with distributor in Germany

Through a partner search project with Business Sweden in the spring of 2022, Safe at Sea met with several distribution candidates for the German market. In July 2022 Safe at Sea signed a distributor partnership with Lava Marine GmbH.

Cavis takes groundbreaking Medtech Innovation to France

Patients suffering from coronary artery disease are today diagnosed with methods that could have a negative impact on the one-year survival rate. By adding precision in the pressure measurement, Cavis' Wirecath® ensures equal measurement...

Cellink goes global with game-changing biotech technology

Cellink’s unique and innovative 3D bioprinting technology which enable the printing of human tissue and organs have revolutionised research, replacing animal experiments and shortening project lead times. With global demand for their...

Swedish unicorn Polarium reduces diesel dependency in Africa

Polarium is on a journey to empower the world with smart modular energy storage solutions, built on litium-ion technology. The company recently opened a factory in South Africa that will employ 300 people, supplying the telecom sector...

Senior’s cutting edge materials perfect fit for Nordic battery cluster

With innovation at their core, Senior Technology Material have found a natural home in Sweden, playing a critical role in the booming Nordic battery cluster to bring much needed new materials to the green energy sector. Their ambitions...

Cake on the move: e-bike innovator revs up global sales

Business Sweden’s accelerator programme Catalyst gives Swedish e-bike manufacturer Cake a springboard to expansion in Europe and the US.

Dana accelerates into e-mobility era with a new facility in Sweden

When the American vehicle components giant Dana Incorporated needed to ramp up its production of e-propulsion drivetrains, Åmål, Sweden, became the choice location for a USD 50 million electrodynamics facility – unlocking unique...

OrganoWood expands globally with environmentally friendly wood products

Being the sole global supplier of environmentally classified pressure impregnation for cladding, decking timber and construction timber, the Swedish company OrganoWood has endless opportunities to grow and rapidly expand. With a strong...

Scania improves public transportation and sustainable mobility in West Africa

Strong urbanisation with fast growing cities and a lack of sufficient sustainable mobility paved the way for Scania’s transport solutions in the Côte d’Ivoire. A total of 450 biofuel compatible buses will improve public transportation in...

Parans Solar lights up the US West Coast

When Parans Solar Lighting’s US distributor was acquired, the focus of their distribution company changed. Parans wanted to seize on the opportunity to continue accelerating their growth in the North American market by finding a new...

Pricer begins new era in APAC with swift expansion

Local presence and market knowledge were crucial for the fast deployment of Pricer’s customer platform in new markets in APAC.

Aqua Robur takes on the fight against global shortage of drinking water

With a multi-distributor strategy as a go-to-market approach, Aqua Robur has rapidly created a wide customer base in a new market.

AstraZeneca putting innovation at heart of healthcare in India

Global pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has had a presence in India for over 40 years, but their ambitions to accelerate innovative science goes beyond business as usual, requiring strategic partnerships and government investment.

Swedish company Nick’s on the road to sweet success in the US

When Nick’s started to look towards the US market, they used their knowledge and expertise of Business Sweden’s food export program Try Swedish to make the right connections in a competitive and challenging consumer market.

Skåne Care at the heart of Saudi Arabia's ambitious healthcare transformation

In what is probably the most ambitious reworking of a healthcare system ever undertaken, the future of Saudi Arabia’s healthcare is being shaped and redefined as part of their Vision 2030. Their commitment to overall transformation is...