Client cases

Parans Solar lights up the US West Coast

When Parans Solar Lighting’s US distributor was acquired, the focus of their distribution company changed. Parans wanted to seize on the opportunity to continue accelerating their growth in the North American market by finding a new...

Pricer begins new era in APAC with swift expansion

Local presence and market knowledge were crucial for the fast deployment of Pricer’s customer platform in new markets in APAC.

Aqua Robur takes on the fight against global shortage of drinking water

With a multi-distributor strategy as a go-to-market approach, Aqua Robur has rapidly created a wide customer base in a new market.

AstraZeneca putting innovation at heart of healthcare in India

Global pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has had a presence in India for over 40 years, but their ambitions to accelerate innovative science goes beyond business as usual, requiring strategic partnerships and government investment.

Swedish company Nick’s on the road to sweet success in the US

When Nick’s started to look towards the US market, they used their knowledge and expertise of Business Sweden’s food export program Try Swedish to make the right connections in a competitive and challenging consumer market.

Skåne Care at the heart of Saudi Arabia's ambitious healthcare transformation

In what is probably the most ambitious reworking of a healthcare system ever undertaken, the future of Saudi Arabia’s healthcare is being shaped and redefined as part of their Vision 2030. Their commitment to overall transformation is...

Ortivus takes Singapore's healthcare to the next level

When Ortivus were looking at possible global expansion opportunities, Business Sweden highlighted Singapore as a natural opportunity for their monitoring and integration systems.

NVIDIA leads the future of AI with Swedish innovation

NVIDIA’s presence in Sweden is setting the standard for AI collaborations and pushing Swedish companies to apply smart technology in both traditional and cutting-edge industries.

HCL transforms global business with Swedish approach

The cultural benefits of having a presence in Sweden proved to be a real revelation to the leading technology company HCL.

A new financial frontier in Southeast Asia

Swedish FinTech company Lendela were looking to expand further. They set their eyes on Southeast Asia and the huge potential for innovative approaches to traditional lending options.

Atlas Copco’s new strategy boosts growth in Asia

Following a strategic shift, Southeast Asia is back at the forefront of Atlas Copco's operations, with impressive results.

Polygiene leads the way in China

In less than three years, Swedish Polygiene became a market leader in the Chinese outdoor segment. They quickly secured two major contracts and have more in the pipeline.

South Korea a top export market for ContextVision

Leading Swedish medical imaging company ContextVision wanted to break into the South Korean market, which has one of the most highly developed healthcare infrastructures in the world.

SSAB grows tenfold in India

SSAB entered the Indian market in 2009. Since then, the Swedish steel company has capitalised on new revenue streams and grown the business tenfold.

Gear4music’s pitch perfect move to the Nordic market

With an eye on growing sales in the Nordics, Sweden quickly became the obvious geographical and logistical choice for Gear4music’s northern Europe fulfilment centre.