With an emerging middle class and increasing disposable income, the consumption of beauty products has skyrocketed over 40% of the global beauty industry. Asia consumer are ultra-mature in beauty concept and becoming more lifestyles driven with growing appetite for natural and quality products. While the land of opportunities exists, many Swedish beauty brands are hesitant to explore the Asia market due to the geographical and culture distance. Foreseeing the challenge of Swedish Beauty brands, Business Sweden is committed to minimize their cost in opening new doors in Asia.

Scratch of Sweden is one of the most recognized and professional Swedish personal care brands with its 39-years of experience in the market. To grow further by leverage its established brand position, Scratch of Sweden was interested in the Asia market due to its popularity of mani- and pedicure. However, the dynamics of Asia creates hurdles to invest with no Asia experience. Business Sweden brought Scratch of Sweden to the S-Beauty and Lifestyle Partner Connect and Marketing in Asia Program which was a fast-track to enter new markets with minimized cost.

Scratch of Sweden

One critical aspect of this S-Beauty program is an all-in-one program which not only assist the brand in finding distribution partner but also build their brand exposure. Brand awareness is important for consumer brands, and this is also one of the biggest obstacles for brand entering new markets. Without any brand awareness, brands are difficult to find customers. However, marketing investment in new markets could be costly and hard to quantity the result. This stopped many potential Swedish brands like Scratch of Sweden to explore new markets in Asia.

Making the leap to a geographically and culturally distant market present great challenges, but Scratch of Sweden had support from Business Sweden program to limit their risks. S-Beauty and Lifestyle Partner Connect and Marketing in Asia was designated to build the brands through a series of activities and find the partner who is passionate to grow the brand in the new market.

With the ease of regulatory landscape, Scratch of Sweden picked Hong Kong to start with in Asia. Scratch of Sweden was introduced to the business partner and consumers through a range of activities. The series of activities included social media post by an influencer, being introduced at a live-streaming broadcast to customers, participating in a pop-up store at a lifestyle retailer in Hong Kong and Swedish Winter event showcase. These events increase brand exposure for Scratch of Sweden in a new market. Scratch of Sweden was then introduced to a group of beauty partners including beauty retailer, salon, and distributors at a cocktail reception. Scratch of Sweden is now being sold on a wellness e-store and distributed on corporate channels with the partner. The partner is also looking to bring Scratch of Sweden to Chinese market.



Scratch of Sweden built a strong reputation in the domestic market and are today in process to bring their the products into the US market. They were interested in expanding their reach to grow their presence and were approached by Business Sweden as we see potential for them in Asia with the strong nail-care culture in the region.


Scratch of Sweden joined the S-Beauty and Lifestyle Partner Connect and Marketing in Asia by Business Sweden and picked Hong Kong as a 1st steppingstone. Through this all-in-one program, Scratch of Sweden has shortened the time to market by connecting with partners and customers with minimized risks. In parallel, Business Sweden provides Export Validation to the brand with insights on the market trend and retail landscape in the beauty segment.


Scratch of Sweden minimized its time and cost investment in exploring a new market. Scratch of Sweden built contact with a retail partner for order in Hong Kong and Chinese market. It has also built first brand exposure through a series of B2B and B2C marketing activities.

About Scratch of Sweden

Scratch of Sweden is a Swedish brand and family-owned company with more than 39 years on the Swedish hand and nail market. The company was founded in 1985 by Marie Houston with focus on nail therapy and manicure training as well as the development of professional hand and nail care products. Today Scratch concept is to provide both professionals and consumers with performance-oriented Hand, Body, and Nail care solutions. Its signature product - Nail Food was nominated for Elle Magazine Sweden Beauty Award and won the Vinnare Beauty Award from Cosmopolitan Magazine, Beauty Oscar 2020 and The Skincare Professionals Awards. Other hand and nail products have also been awarded in Stockholm Beauty Week.


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