Whitepapers & Guides

Portugal's energy and green transition

Potential opportunities and partnerships for Swedish companies within Portugal’s energy sector.

Spain's energy and green transition

Potential opportunities and partnerships for Swedish companies within Spain's energy sector.

Sustainable Transportation in Côte d’Ivoire

Côte d’Ivoire presents a promising landscape for sustainable business ventures in the transport sector and offers Swedish companies ample opportunities to promote their solutions while contributing to the country’s development. This report explores some of the key opportunities for Swedish businesses interested in investing in the country’s sustainable transportation growth.

Water for all in Morocco

In the face of escalating global water scarcity, Morocco emerges as a critical focal point, as it grapples with severe water shortages. This report delves into the country's water crisis, explores governmental initiatives, and underscores the pivotal role Swedish companies can play in providing innovative and sustainable water solutions.

Understanding post-pandemic consumers in China

The Covid-19 pandemic reshaped purchasing behaviors in China. This report provides insights into Chinese consumers' journey and key actions for Swedish companies to succeed in the market.

Power to Africa

Explore the potential for Swedish companies in Africa’s energy transmission sector – presenting an overview of six major markets where opportunities are on the rise. Get the inside perspectives to capture the momentum.

Doing business with NATO

Sweden and Finland's NATO membership will open many new doors for Nordic companies to do business with NATO allies, and most significantly, the United States. This acquisition guidebook, "Doing Business With NATO," is an introduction for small and midsized enterprises.

Navigating Singapore’s agri-food tech landscape

Innovation is accelerating rapidly in the agri-food tech sector with Singapore in the vanguard of progress. A new report from Business Sweden maps out the local opportunities.

The krona and Swedish exports

The weak Swedish krona is having a significant impact on exports of goods and the ability of Swedish export companies to capture opportunities in global markets. This is revealed by a new survey presented by Business Sweden, based on interviews with some 300 financial directors across key industry sectors.

Unlocking the semiconductor puzzle

Semiconductors are the heartbeat of our digital world - but to power the digital transition, production across the supply chain must be both sustainable and resilient. Taiwan is emerging as a production hub, ramping up production to meet global demand but also in response to the challenges presented by major global events and geopolitics. But what opportunities are there for Swedish companies?

Navigating the US policy and regulatory landscape

The USA’s multifaceted policy and regulatory landscape has far-reaching implications that shape market conditions – and understanding the nuances and dynamics of this landscape is crucial for Swedish companies looking to enter or grow their presence in the market. We spoke to government affairs professionals representing some of Sweden’s largest companies in the US to collect their insights and advice on how to navigate the laws, processes, and regulatory conditions.

Sustainability and conscious consumerism in Singapore

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important driver in Singapore’s retail sector as government initiatives and consumer behaviours combine to increase demand for green products and services. This report explores the current landscape, policies, and initiatives in the Singaporean retail market and how Swedish companies are, and can, shape the shift towards sustainable consumption.

Beyond Tech Horizons

South Korea, one of the largest semiconductor markets, has embarked on a semiconductor journey, backed by government initiatives, including the K-Semiconductor Strategy and K-Chips Act, aiming to establish the country as a global chip powerhouse in both memory and system chips by 2030.

New business in the age of transformation

Major geopolitical, technological, and environmental changes are redefining the global business landscape, and how companies react now will define their success in both the short- and near future. This report explores the challenges - and opportunities - in the race to securing sustainable, long-term growth in a time of unprecedented change.

Sweden & India - A business match worth experiencing

Are you curious to capture India's growing potential? As the world's third largest economy in 2027, together with the country's ambitious green transition, enormous opportunities await Swedish SME companies to grow in India. Business Sweden exists as your springboard towards a new market.