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Reframing Australia

Asian competitors are gaining ground while a political agenda to favour domestic “Made in Australia” suppliers presents new challenges. But there is a silver lining for Swedish companies: the drive toward sustainability.

Accelerating change

Leading automotive industry experts expect big changes across the ecosystem – and big opportunities, our report outlines how traditional and new stakeholders can benefit.

Tough action in the time of corona

The coronavirus pandemic has had severe consequences for Swedish exports. Our latest survey takes the temperature of impacts and mitigation plans among large exporting companies.

Swedish Value in Turkey

Why are Swedish companies using Turkey as a regional export hub and how do they contribute to the economy? This survey uncovers the answers.

A Transforming European HVAC Industry

The European HVAC and filters industries are on rapid trajectory of modernisation and digitalisation, our report examines the global megatrends and the shifting production models across the European ecosystem.

Make way for Indonesia

Southeast Asia’s largest economy is moving fast. It’s time to capture Indonesia’s potential across five key sectors.

Powering up with services

Services are on the upswing in global manufacturing and economic rewards await Swedish companies that get on board. How do you shift from a product-focused offering to a service-oriented business model?

Caught in the crossfire between the US and China

The US-China trade war began in July, 2018, following 18 months of escalation as both entered a calmer phase when a first agreement was signed on January 15 this year in Washington. Nonetheless, the antagonism remains for the foreseeable future and the trade war will continue to take different forms.

A new era in China

Ensuring your China strategy considers local and global market needs is critical for growth and long-term success in a complex and challenging market. This report outlines seven strategic elements for Swedish companies to consider when looking at growth in China’s ‘new era’.

Trends and truths in the materials race

Business Sweden presents a special report in nine parts about the race for stronger, lighter, more sustainable, absorbable – and fully connected materials.

Taiwan's turning tide

Exploring the next horizon for Asia's hidden manufacturing powerhouse

Changing patterns of consumer goods market in Nigeria

After a successful recovery from the 2016 economic recession, Nigeria is working to enable multisectoral growth and decreasing the country’s dependence on oil revenues.

China's new consumers

The retailers' playbook for winning hearts and minds in the East

Swedish Retail Guide 2019/2020

Need a personal guide to the latest opportunities in retail? Let us show you what Sweden's three largest city regions has to offer. Many international brands have already discovered the potential but there is room for many more.

Southeast Asia's big shift

Transformation is just around the corner in Southeast Asia’s manufacturing sectors. Our latest survey reveals how Swedish tech suppliers can get primed for success.