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Navigating corruption in Kenya

Despite operating in an environment rife with corruption, Nordic companies maintain optimism in doing business in Kenya. Based on interviews with Nordic companies, this report provides a picture of corruption's impact in Kenya.

Riding to a sustainable future in Africa

Africa’s public transport systems are being pushed to the limit in urban areas as population growth and traffic congestion soar. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is now the preferred solution – putting Swedish mobility suppliers in the spotlight.

Steps to decode your distributor relationships

Nearly half of all Swedish companies operating in global markets rely on local sales partners, or distributors, to accelerate their sales, but these relationships are often challenging and complicated. This report explores the key indicators and approaches for working effectively with distributors and partners in global markets.

Sustainable mining in Sweden

A short introduction to Swedish mining opportunities and offerings

Creating a green future: trends in the sustainable lifestyle sector

The creative, food, and lifestyle sectors are coming under increasing scrutiny for their impact on the environment – but there are solutions emerging to promote sustainable production, consumption, and circularity. In this trend guide, we look at the latest innovations in key sectors including aquaculture, new proteins, and smart textiles.

Energy price shock hits Swedish exports

The impact of surging energy prices in Sweden and Europe is being felt right across society. Business Sweden presents a new survey showing that two-thirds of manufacturers in Sweden are moderately or severely impacted by the electricity price shock – and many are signalling cutbacks.

Building China's green future

China is a critical market as Swedish companies ramp up their efforts to pioneer the global green transition. In this report, we take a closer look at how five local sustainability challenges can be overcome.

Pioneering green transition in Türkiye

How are Swedish sustainable business practices and sustainable technology solutions being implemented in Türkiye? This report uncovers the answer.

Navigating uncertainty in China with an updated game plan

Due to the changing reality, China strategies that were set in place before 2020 are likely no longer valid. We thereby see an urgent need for companies to build resilience and increase agility to be able to navigate this time of heightened uncertainty. To do this, we advise companies to embark on a three-step process presented in this report.

A green wave of Swedish fintech

Green fintech provides solutions that address some of society's most pressing issues. By mobilising capital and synthesising data for financial decision-making, fintech can allocate capital towards creating solutions to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

7 key steps when expanding internationally

How to avoid pitfalls and build readiness for global sales Language: Swedish

Your 7-step checklist when expanding overseas

Practical tasks can quickly become overwhelming when establishing a local business presence in new markets. Explore this 7-step checklist to assess your readiness and avoid the most common pitfalls.

Looking to Europe

Swedish manufacturers are putting Europe in the spotlight as supply chains in Asia are being re-evaluated. The pandemic and war in Ukraine have given the near-market manufacturing trend a significant boost. These findings are presented in Business Sweden’s latest survey which explores the global supply networks of more than 300 Swedish companies.

Connect for a healthy future

Digitalisation has changed the way healthcare is planned, accessed, and delivered. Data and digital technologies are transforming healthcare networks, but the potential is only just being revealed and opportunities for growth are vast. Understanding the factors driving Sweden’s connected health sector boom is the first step to leveraging opportunities for international investment and collaboration.

Seasons of change: the future of AI in Sweden

AI is not new, we have known about it’s potential since the 1940s, but it is only now that computer science has provided the power to finally begin exploring the possibilities. The inevitable rush to explore and develop AI is far-reaching and Sweden is playing a critical role in driving sustainable, ethical, and practical research and development.