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Whitepapers & Guides

USA: Candy and Snack Food

It’s probably not a big surprise to anyone that we Americans love our sweets and snack foods – this is, after all, the land of nachos and Slurpees. However, recent changes in American taste have shifted local demand into healthier and more adventurous territory.   

Think big. Grow smart.

Swedish companies with international growth ambitions have every reason to include Indonesia in their global expansion strategy. In order to succeed however, it is vital to be aware both of all the promising opportunities and the most common obstacles – download our report Think big, grow smart below and stay ahead of the competition.

Digital China

China’s booming e-commerce market has opened up fantastic opportunities both for large-scale manufacturers and for small and medium-sized companies.Business Sweden’s report provides an in-depth look at China’s unique digital marketplace.

Mapping the Swedish Precision Medicine Industry Landscape

The Swedish precision medicine industry landscape at first glance presents the results of the first mapping of the Swedish precision medicine industry landscape.

If crisis hits

How would a geopolitical crisis affect Swedish business operations? Get an understanding of the relation between potential global conflicts and international trade.

Join Sweden in a digital future!

We are experiencing a new industrial revolution that enables digitalized production, disruptive business models and multiple ways of meeting customers. It creates new opportunities across all industries and value chains.

The services revolution

The global business world is moving towards digitally driven ecosystems, and Sweden is in a good position to take a leading role

Do you leverage Industry 4.0 in your internationalisation?

Industry 4.0 creates vast opportunities for increased efficiency and productivity, as well as for new value chains, services and business models.