This Business delegation named ”FRAMTIDENS INDUSTRI” serves as an opportunity to learn more about the latest technologies and solutions and to make new business contacts on the German and international markets. The setup is designed so that participating companies can acquire a good understanding of the German market in general and the area of sustainable, automated/digitalized manufacturing. Through study visits in Berlin and joint visit to the Hannover Fair, companies gain the opportunity to meet potential customers, partners, suppliers, etc. A unique opportunity to start or develop your business in Germany.


Conceptual program includes 1-2 days of field visits in Berlin and 1 day visit at Hannover Messe.
Field visits in Berlin include 2-3 study visits to production facilities with a focus on sustainable, green, automated/digitalized production. Hannover Messe visit implies matchmaking at the fair, network meetings with Swedish and German companies. The preparations start with online "Crash course" on how to do business in Germany.


Please email to see if there are any spots available, no later than 1st of March.