The expansion is expected to create more than 500 new direct jobs at the factory in Karlskrona, as well as indirect jobs in manufacturing industry, and develop the high-tech marine cluster in the region. High-voltage cables are an enabler of increased installation of renewable energy sources and an important part of the green transition, both in Sweden and abroad.

NKT's investment will contribute to Europe's ability to develop the distribution of renewable energy sources and increase technological development in Blekinge and Sweden. The investment is a strategically important part of driving the green transition and meeting the increased demand for high-voltage cables on the world market.

To develop future export solutions and competence supply needs, the investment will also lead to the region's cluster and innovation ecosystem being strengthened to become a world-leading node for research and development in marine technology. This through continued close collaboration between the industrial actors, public sector, and Blekinge Technical University.

Quotes from Jan Larsson, CEO of Business Sweden:

"It is great news that NKT is now further expanding its production and development in Karlskrona. This investment will not only put Karlskrona and Blekinge on the map but also have a significant impact on Sweden as a whole in the green transition and underwater technology."

Business Sweden has worked closely with the company, Karlskrona municipality, Region Blekinge, and Blekinge Technical University during the process.

Quote from Claes Westerlind, site manager for NKT's cable factory in Karlskrona:

"We have had a good and productive cooperation with national and local actors such as Business Sweden, Karlskrona municipality, Region Blekinge, and Blekinge Technical University, who have worked purposefully to create the necessary framework for our future expansion in Karlskrona. We look forward to continuing our collaboration in the coming years and creating growth in the surrounding area to support the green transition."

Quote from Emma Swahn Nilsson, chairman of the municipal council in Karlskrona:

"This is incredibly gratifying for the entire Karlskrona and NKT's new major order means strong growth for the municipality with several hundred job opportunities. With such an investment, Karlskrona will once again be put on the map as Sweden's marine capital."

Quote from Christina Mattisson, chairman of the regional council:

"The news that NKT is expanding in Karlskrona is very gratifying and of great importance to the whole of Blekinge. It provides increased growth and many new job opportunities, not only for the company but also for various subcontractors. The investment shows that Blekinge has a leading position in marine technology development and it contributes to the green transition of society. This is a very important step in the continued development of the county."

Quote from Andreas Larsson, vice rector for strategic partnerships at Blekinge Technical University:

"The investment is a result of a close collaboration between the business community, academia, and the public sector, where we together create conditions to accelerate the digital and sustainable transition. Together, we are making a concerted effort to create a leading ecosystem for competence supply, research, and innovation in the maritime technology field".